I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Brain - Part 2

I had a combo of tea, vin and de-sugared cranberry juice, sitting in the fridge. I've been heating it up, adding ginger. I am drinking it now. It is soooo delicious! (You don't have to have sugar to be delicious!)

I added the rest of the batch for the fermenting Kombucha, which is looking good. Alongside this is a fermenting batch of cranberry (etc.) wine/vinegar. I bought a bottle of apple juice recently, which I want to add to these two fermenting batches. But tonight, I cannot, for the life of me, find it! It is the weirdest thing. How do you just lose something like that?

I can't keep looking tonight or else the crazy bald man downstairs will start up again. A rare thing: I took out my dog about hours ago, and this time he actually DIDN'T RUN TO HIS FRONT ROOM AND FLASH HIS LIGHT ON AND OFF.

I forgot to add another dementia symptom I get. My coordination suffers. It starts with the brain. Sometimes, I don't even know my brain isn't processing up-to-par, because our brains have a tendency to think they are doing the right thing, even when they are doing the wrong thing. This follows from the narcissistic bias of existence. The brain just fills in any growing blind spots, even camouflaging them, so everything looks like it is just business as usual.

It is an inherent act of faith - like believing that we know what is going on whilst our eyes are blinked, and what is going to happen when we open them - and why.

So, one of the mistakes I made yesterday was to sit down a 20 ounce mugga hot mocha incorrectly, next to my computer. It spilt out upon my keyboard, and everywhere else. I don't think it reached the carpet, though.

Cleaned up, best I could. Keyboard was broken, last time I tried it. I am now using the keyboard which came with my computer. It is black, small letters, instable, feels like a mini laptop, can't find delete key - all reasons why me and my fingernails would rather watch a movie.

Bye now...

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