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* - galaxy

Thank you for not evapourating.

Posted on 2019.05.21 at 22:30
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Watched an old fav, "Shaun of the Dead," which was enthusiastically introduced to me by Ashley long ago. It has similar mood and humour to, "Waiting for a friend for the end of the world," and probably inspired a scene or two.

I always have great dreams whenever I recover - from anything. Lately, I had a dream where I saw an offer for, "Gold-Plated Suck-My-Face Mugs - for less than $200,000!" And I had another dream where I got a check for overtime...

Today, I walked by a cafe, which for sale for $200,000.

And, soon after the overtime dream, I heard a BBC report about overtime pay. Because. They must have been putting it together at the same time I was dreaming into it...

I understand why these things happen now. Time is not what we think it is. I am not philosophizing. I know why these things happen...

Haven't heard if tornadoes ever tore into Oklahoma today...

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