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I am the person who will destroy China.

Russian Roulette

My LJ is back to being a complete bear. Supposedly, LJ allots faster IP/routes to people who PAY for LJ. But that doesn't much seem to be the case with me - and probably not with others. Usually, I have big problems every Friday/Saturday, at least. I suspect that LJ is in fact trying to find the path of least expensive, as usual. How many eliminations of services can you list?

I know that LJ once favoured me, as it has to other very serious, paid journals, which have been around for a long time. But this, too, seems to going the way of the U.S.S.R.

My browser is fresh and fast, lately, so the only reason I am not getting, e.g., The Visual Editor, or Hover, etc., is because I am not receiving IP/routes, which are new or abnormal ones, and so they are begin blocked by my firewall. These IPs are content servers, and are probably russia.ru.

A few months ago, I stopped blocking some of these russia.ru IP's. Then, apparently one of them reached in and turned off my Outpost Firewall, which is a creation of a now-defunct Russian company. They couldn't just let those who still have the firewall to keep having it, beyond the demise of the company - they had to hire someone in Russia to take over the termination function. You hear about Russian spying, well it does happen - as it also happens through Yandex (https://news.bitcoin.com/russian-branded-browser/), etc., as I have experienced. Needless to say, the spying and interference from China, India, Brazil, U.S.A., is often worse. (In fact, I block every possibility of any China or Korea IP's from getting anywhere near my computer - which is not something I do for Russia).

I am able to reactivate my Outpost firewall. The problem is that I am now completely unable to change or direct it. I cannot pull it up to view who's getting through, or whom I am blocking, etc. If something is blocked, by content filter, or IP blocklist, etc., I cannot unblock it. This means that the shit I have been getting from LJ lately? I cannot go into my Russian firewall to make alterations to accommodate the new/abnormal IP's. And I cannot go into to block whatever russia.ru IP/s it was that turned off the firewall in the first place. SO. Those poor Russians are messing it up for - other Russians at LJ. Just like the continuing diminished of services by LJ - and the threat of Russian censorship - is scaring users in other countries to evacuate to DW, etc. Over and over again, humans keep trying to build empires on backwards thinking, and it always eventually fails. A few weeks ago, I learnt that there has been a bill in the Russian parliament, seeking to give all powers to the Russian president, ety al, to have absolute censorship powers of the internet it can control, or in its country. I haven't heard if this succeeded. But what it would mean would be precisely the censorship which we original American members first fears a few years ago. Currently, there is no censorship over English posters in LJ - but that would change with this bill.

I like that LJ is in Russia, for the reason that it is removed from the U.S.A., and has escaped the great scourge of shadow-banning, banning and PC harassment, which has rationalized itself via the demonisation of Russia, Alex Jones, and others. I don't like the Russian command of LJ because of the stupid, counterproductive ways the new owners think they can make more money. It's just like any other capitalist mania: the ultimate end of insatiable profiteering is political coercion, corruption, political control and force.

These visions of the possible future are discouraging, which is unfortunate because the prophet, Edgar Cayce, predicted that Russia would be the land of unprecedented freedom.

My health has been bad lately. These assaults, upon my CFS, have been painful and disabling: Exertions on Tuesday; Probable flu-like bug, and eating too soon before sleeping. I have been hit by crazy insomnia and changes in sleeping cycle, which are known to be bad for the heart. Yesterday, I awoke unrefreshed with some serious, heavy dementia - which seems to carry Alzheimers-like plaque. (This is a real hypothesis, since, e.g., 1 - I have long known that CFS affects protein production, 2 - People w/ CFS show punctate lesions in their brains, and, 3 - many similar symptoms. Many neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, are being found to be prion disease. So, far, no pathogen has been discovered for CFS, which allows for the possibility of almost-invisible prions).

Because of the recent heat, I turned on the little fan next my bed. I ended up with a chest cold - something that never happens to me. I continue to try to push though a head ache which has been around for days. I managed to increase the BP in my frontal lobe/area, which pushed the dementia problem back towards my limbic. A bad consequence of this was zig-zaggy partial blindness, associated also with caffeine, calories, and poor sleep. This combination is what preceded my innitial collapse from CFS, years ago, and is the same combination I have found to be associated with sleep paralysis or night terrors.

I keep falling behind in washing dishes, cleaning, and all that stuff. One good thing happened: I got a notice from Social Security /SSI, that my case would not be reviewed this time around. That spares me a lot of difficulty which I really, really can not weather right now. However, my phone company continues to over-bill me no matter how many times I phone them to stop. One of many creepy little financial parasites in my life, these days.

When I take my dog out, if he hasn't been pigging out, disgustingly licking other creatures' urine along the sidewalk, I walk him up and down a little, (never leaving the block, because he becomes too difficult). Then I bring him back up to our lawn, where he does his poop. One in a while, he will feel too free, usually as a result of my loving him, and he will try to poop somewhere down the street.

That's what he did today. So, as usual, I say, "No!" and tug him towards our yard, which continues to try and poop. Unfortunately, constant, day-after-day discipline like this is the only way to Deal with an Akita, who think they are independent wolves. He dropped a little toot on the side of the sidewalk, but I got him up to the lawn, where he finished off.

Meanwhile, there was a police-car stationed down the street, surely observing this apparent cruelty. It really isn't so easy to keep an Akita in this ever-critical environment, which mostly involves hate from blacks. This sort of environment is what drives poor people over the brink and into jail - and I really am not going into details about the area. That, I still may do later. But, the cop/car was sitting there because there is a full moon - and because there had been a few problems down the street. So, it's not like he was out to get me, in particular. But, when you're in an area where everyone is suspect of being a possible criminal, it is easy to get snagged, one way or another. I love my dog, but he is so stupidly stubborn, careless, obsessive, and often inconsiderate of the social proprieties needed to get along around here, such as minding one's own business. Sometimes, he will stop and just stare at someone down the road, who therefore will start yelling at me. Because everyone around is is afraid of him - except for those it took me six years of patience, demonstration, assurance and 'acting-out', to convince that he was just a big baby.

My illness. My neighbourhood. My dog. It's all a lot of Russian Roulette, with inevitable bad outcomes soon enough. I may not have been approached by the cop, but it turns out that my pulling my dog sprained my arm a bit. And this means I will have a CFS backlash, because of this.

Interestingly, I saw the Coen Brothers, "Blood Simple," which is a great movie. White people out to kill each other. Like liberals, none of them know what they are doing. Like conservatives, they are absolutely certain, when the time comes to shoot. It's a very well done movie, with Frances McDoormat actually looking halfway cute. Part of its core involves as revolver, which only has three bullets in it. Ergo: Russian Roulette.

Also saw, "The Hate You Give," and, "What Will People Say?" I'll discuss these later. Just note that if the latter was a movie made in America, exposing the dysfunction and violence in, say, Moslem families, it would would have been denounced as racist. Rather, made in Norway, it received many awards in Europe. Go figure.

btw: I don't use a choke-chain on my dog.  I don't use a collar.  I use a harness.  A loose harness.  100% painless.  In fact, usually, if I don't give a a strong tug or two, he will completely ignore me, being obessed with smells, etc., etc.  It's not exactly macho around here to have a dog that doesn't listen to you.  People yell at me for this.  And yet, when I discipline him, people come out of nowhere and yell at me for THIS.  It's just a society of fuckers.

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