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Trying to think straight..

I sometimes do this thing where I suck in air, hold my breath, let the air out, keep holding my breath, until I am about to pass out, then I breath again.  I do this 2-3 times.  Why do I do this?  I have found it is useful in pushing back against CFS symptoms, even though some brain cell death may occur.  I will explain how I think this works later, but the result is that it pushes body problems up into the head.  With increased blood pressure and oxygen infusion in the head, the Hypothalamus, etc., can get to work regulating the body like it is supposed to.

However, there apparently is also an increase of immune (cytokine) activity in the brain.  Whether or not this is due to some real pathogen now being fluched out, the consequence is a killer headache, and an overwhelming need to sleep, similar to after a concussion.  Normally, sleep is difficult in CFS, and results in no feeling of being refreshed.  But this painfully induced sleep eventually leads to improvement of all symptoms.  (It can not be practiced just at any old time).  Figuring out why this works has lead me to ideas on the pathology of CFS.

So, I diid this, this morning, and have been sleeping like crazy, trying to lose the headache.  Waking up, I felt somewhat refreshed, but filled with terrific brain dullness or fog, with an inability to think straight.  But, thsi is a good sign, so long as I can sleep it away.  I have been pondering whether I should try to go to the library soon, beofore the threat of harrassment by teens and early Friday loiterers.  But I don't know if I should.  I have other things to do.

I like progressive thought, meaning to take on today's big dilemmas, even if they may rub against the conventional dogma of the left or of the right.  For example, there is a liberal dude who alone calls for tighter restrictions on immigration because he, as I, foresees the impending consequences of global warming, including mass, uncontroled migrations.

Another liberal, a teacher in gender studies in fact, states that she is afraid that the environmental pressures of global warming may persuade countries to install or increase policies of population control, against the poor and minorities, even though warming is moving too fast for this slow process to make a difference.

My thoughts regarding this are: Global warming is one consequence of population increase - the ultimate consequence.  There is no denying the connexion.  Consumption has been difficult, if not impossible, to taper in the past.  Even if consumption and associated industry were slowed, it as well would not slow fast enough.  Slowing both population and consumption together might even not be effective in the long run - but both together would have the highest impact on warming, which is to say, not a lot.  I am not arguing for population reduction.  I am saying it is going to happen.  And there will be ecofascists, and the will be racists, at the forefront.  Because it is not only warming that population expansion is effecting, but it is also causing pollution, mass extinctions, poverty - and it even feeds into the centralisation of wealth.  It is just a reality.  And there will come a time when people who argue for population reduction - or wars of genocide - will gain popularity, ironically.  My question is whether there is any equitable way to reduce population which will not cause people's to suffer.  I cam eup with one small idea a few days ago - but forgot it - might find it and add it later.

Indeed, I feel that, one way or another, whether through science, or tyranny, or the technocratic and moneyed elites, or along with all other extinctions, our population is destined to be reduced.

More attempts to think straight were discussed on today's (May 10) NPR Science Friday, including a new way to reduce and transform plastics. Also, you may have heard, Mexico has announced a wide-ranging new policy to reduce plastics! (I recently thought of speaking up about the plastic straws, etc., in the Mexican restaurant which I visited the other day, but that would be dead in the water).

Some of the things which Trump is doing, including on trade, are attempts to think straight, believe it or not. He comes from the angry side of the populist upswell, (as opposed to Bernie's hopeful side), and, even though he is also swayed by the GOP and big money, and even though he does so many other terrible things, he should not be entirely vilified. Because then the few good things he does will be rejected simply because HE does them, and his opponents will stupidly try to institute the BAD things. More on the trade conflicts w/ China later...

The o_c_c_u_p_y movement was a good step at identifying real problems in economics, but was fractured into various social movements more obsessed with contradicting Trump, right or wrong. To my regret, the occupy movement has not really made the connection between economics and climate or environment. I have a good community name w_a_r_m_i_n_g which I hope you might join. Also, in attempt to think straight, there is a community devoted to new ideas for environmental and economic progress, named eco_altrnatives. Please join or die.

Finally: Here is something I will put up in a sticky post...

I really appreciate LJ friends who comment, because, am I not human? However, the main job of this journal is not to write about me and my difficulties, so much, unless I am trying to illustrate social problems through my own experiences. I usually keep my personal posts friends-only, unless they serve some other purpose, in which case they may eventually turn friends-only.

More importantly, this journal is hoping to cover ideas and issues relevant to our stupid and rapidly changing world. These topics include philosophical thoughts; climate change; humour; psychology; economics; poverty; poetry; nature, and many other attempts to think straight, even if bothering people sometimes. I am not close-minded - I just don't have the time or energy for trolls and arguments.

So, I really, really appreciate anyone who would prefer just to read this journal rather than friend me. To do that, you can add me vie syndication, (at the top of the page). You can pick up my RSS feed in another way: Through your browser! If you take the latter route, then you can tune in to mm101 anytime, instead of getting your friends page swamped by my manic posting episodes. Note that Firefox no longer allows RSS feeds - unless you pick up the Mozilla app for that.

Thank you for subscribing. Note taht you are also being spared a lot of my sometimes tedious acrimony and drunken vitriol, all of which I blame on migraines, and all of which I save for friends-only, lucky them.
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