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You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

Rachel at 15

The other day, the movie, "Mean Girls," turned 15 years old.  For more, click the pic.

This was an influential movie, certainly on LJ, although I never finally saw it until fairly recently, after which I changed my hair colour. As good as this movie was, it was just a movie, and had flaws. And I determined that the writing partially ripped off the ff movies:

Never Been Kissed - starring Lou Barrymore
16 Candles - starring Molly Ringwald
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - starring Lindsay Lohan

I don't mind when movies feed off of books - but when movies recycle other movies, the images and themes become redundant and predictable.
Tags: lohan - lindsay - (pronounced /ˈloʊ.ən/), movies - '16 candles', movies - 'confessions of a teenage drama, movies - 'mean girls', movies - 'never been kissed'

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