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Tara Reid and Fornication

I once thought Tara Reid was the hottest girl alive, along with Jessica Alba, and many others...  But, there was always something a little wrong with this girl, who's career has been something of a mixed bag.  She was all mixed up - with ancestors from countless lands; and attending countless schools, and then - 'marrying' countless men, and then 'divorcing' them...  WIKI:

In March 2000, Reid met Carson Daly on the set of Total Request Live and they began dating.[17] They shared an apartment in New York City and Daly proposed on October 29.[17] In June 2001, Reid and Daly broke off their engagement.[18]

On January 18, 2010, Reid's boyfriend, Michael Axtmann, an Internet entrepreneur from Nuremberg, proposed to her at The Little Door restaurant in Los Angeles. The couple had reportedly planned an intimate ceremony for summer 2010.[20] On April 20, it was reported that the wedding had been called off and the relationship had ended, with a representative stating: "Tara Reid has confirmed that she will not be moving forward with her May 22 nuptials."[21]

In November 2010, Reid began dating Danish businessman Michael Lillelund. According to People magazine, on August 14, 2011, Reid's spokesman reported that she and Lillelund had married the day before in Greece.[22] Lillelund denied it, saying he had not been in contact with Reid since February.[23]

In August 2011, Reid publicized that she had married Bulgarian financier Zachary Kehayov. In October of that year she announced that they were not legally married.[24][25]

Reid dated Infected Mushroom Israeli musician Erez Eisen from 2013 to 2014.[26]

In 2016, she and actor Dean May participated in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but were rejected when it was revealed they were not in a relationship.[27]

mm101 note: Tara starred in, The Big Lebowski, (1998), which I saw last night, for the first time(!)  A darn good cult flick.  In this movie, the F-word is used many times.  Wikipedia actually has a list of movies with the F-word in them. Look at the second list, at the bottom of the page.  Notice how the rise of frequency slows in the 1980's, rises sharply around 1994, and then explodes after 9/11, yipes.

I think some movies that people raved about as being deep, edgy classics, were simply movies that barraged people with new heights in F-word frequency.  Cutting edge! I haven't seen too many of the movies (on the main list), it turns out.  I think the biggest F-word movie I have seen is Reservoir Dogs - a DVD I got rid of, along with Pulp Fiction, because I really didn't see much worth to it, other than a fetishisation of violence.  So - what is YOUR biggest Fuck movie?
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