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Anne Hathaway and more...

NPR's, "World Cafe," has been promoting the final Cranberries album. Tonight, they played early songs, from Dolores O'Reardon, of course. I know I am going to get this last album. But it also feels like they are grinding my sorrow into the ground. You know. Our whole lives, if we witness, all we see is this disappearing genius, in us all, and there is nothing we can do, but die.

Lately, every day of existence is a pain for me. The philosophical drama aside, my CFS just seems to want to get worse, no matter what I do. I pried myself from the wall and got myself walking to the library, and then caught a bus, and then walked, and went to a store, walked, went to another store, and caught the bus home.

Now, my legs are trying to cramp up on me, even though I took magnesium and vitamin C. This is only the beginning...

Watched Anne Hathaway, whom I like, of course, in, "Rachel is Getting Married," or something. (Did you know that the name of Shakespeare's wife was Anne Hathaway?). A lot of movie stars try to do at least one way-out-there movie... For Scarlett Johanson, it was, "Beneath the Skin," or something. Etc. I don't know if Anne Hathoway ever made a vampire movie, which I could see, but if she didn't then maybe this is her out-there movie...

This movie not only pretends to be reality TV, it also endlessly manipulates something I usually HATE: HERKY-JERKY CAMERA. This is an example of "The Office" going too far, into dramady. Hathaway has that gothy look, and plays a dysfunctional sister in a dysfunctional family. It is always nice to root for the outsider. But, trying to stay true to reality TV, Hathaway isn't anything to root for.* (*see below)...

This movie pretends to be realistic in every way, especially dramatically, but it fails, because it is almost always obvious that these people are acting - they are actors. Maybe a few audience members might have been able to suspend their disbelief if only the camera would stop jerking around.

In addition to this unfortunate artifice - (although, what else are you going to get in Connecticut?) - is the weird multicultural message that the movie was sending out, which seemed to even supersede the plot and the star. There were whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Hindus, Greeks - everything! It was nuts! A marriage between a black and a white never intimated WHY or HOW these two connected, in Connecticut. The spectre of even covert racism was non-existent - taboo! So, that was part of the artifice.

It would be nice to believe that normal families were splendorifically multicultural in this way, and weddings could be endless fantasies of liberal gayity, but the fact is that these kinds of idyllic marriages are usually only able to exist in opulent settings, where money flows like the endless minstrels in this movie. In the real world, mixed marriages tend to happen where there is not a lot of money flowing around. And the gayity is not so forced.

This movie had a lot of drawbacks, but it is OK to watch, once, if you are in a herky-jerky, multicultural mood. And, I think that if you are an addict/junkie, then this would be something you might get into. Otherwise, the themes of this movie, as we have seen so often, were several decades too late.

In my own family, the idea that the bride was pregnant prior to the wedding would have been something of a downer, unless this was the case of the favoured sibling, as it was in this movie. But, still, to let it go, scot-free, without a minute of question, is just way too amoral. Instead, the other sibling is left to suffer as the outsider. Here is the problem, which I also had with, "Edge of Seventeen," - it seems that the creative outsider caves and accepts the dysfunction of the entire (rich) family or group. Money wins out, once again. Just for once, I would like to see a movie where it goes deeper than the so-called psychology, and into the money. Seriously, so many real relationships align along money.

This is another wealthy liberal movie about HOW IT SHOULD BE, not how it is. Anne Hathaway wasn't right for the part, but she was good enough. *I do think that addicts might get into this movie, and adulate Anne Hathaway. Maybe there is an audience for it a little more than this, but I don't see too much. Probably did better when Hathaway was hot. Kudos for her for taking this job. One reward for watching this movie, was to see, Robyn Hitchcock performing. I do like him, always. Looks like he might have lobbied to get his name right up there in the credits, sensible man...

As soon as I got home from the latest shopping ordeal, I threw some 'chum' on the pan, and cooked it up for me and doggie McGee. They were basically large sardines, but fresher. Listen. When you can find meat for less than a dollar a pound - or ANYTHING for less than a dollar a pound - YOU FUCKING BUY IT. These are really fun, and are making my dog happy. Insane: 87 cents a pound!

A long time ago, when I was just starting out, I had this rule: "Never buy anything that costs more than a dollar a pound." Well, I violate that rule a lot, these days. But, sometimes, it is nice to know, it still works.

Fish?! I mean come on!
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