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Music for the Masses - part 1

I do appreciate one of the local FM (radio) stations.  It is one of a little network based in nearby Wisconsin.  Shut my mouth, the guy in charge just came back from Eire, loved it, and is selling it to the hilt.  Even though the station plays Billy Joel, Madonna, Prince, etc., non-stop, it also plays tolerable music.  Every mid-afternoon, they play a George Harrison song, for some reason.  It's usually one of two of his songs, but eh.  And, on the weekends, they play a lot of extreme oldies, from the 50's and 60's.

One of the songs, recently, was, "The Big Hurt."  I heard this and really went to town in my brain.  For one thing, this song from the 1950's, employed the "airoplane" sound of the mike being moved around.  This technique was later used by E.L.O., ("I'm Alive," etc.), 10c.c, ("I'm Not in Love"), and others in the 1970's.  This song was being very progressive - and, it also used some complex notation in its structure, which was uncommon for a pop song.  So, if you are into music, I suggest you look this up and take a listen.  "The Big Hurt."  By Wayne Shanklin.

So, then this song got me interested in Wayne Shanklin. Some of his songs were used in Primrose lane, and etc. One of his popular songs was "Chanson D'Amour" (Song of Love) - this set me on a Wiki search for "Song of Love," "Melody of Love," and others I was, or was not familiar with. I ended up editing a few Wiki pages. "Melody of Love" was some kind of craze in the 1950's, I guess. Here is the Wiki page for that: Melody of Love. And this: Melody of Love. I think there is another song that was written at the turn of the century, and much later was written into a pop song... Must find...
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