I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

No one has ever done this to me before...

So, I have my glasses now.  They are bifocals, made specifically for viewing my computer, and then looking down and reading my keyboard.  The dividing line is at 50/50. which is too high, but that is my fault for not explaining myself better to them dumb fucks.  However, there is problem: The right eye lens is still blurry.  I can't read my tabs using my right eye alone.  It's also bad looking down/closer, but not as difficult, and the left eye compensates.  I just do not understand how they could have taken so many tests, and given me significantly flawed glasses.  The real me would have not accepted them - but I have no choice, since they were paid for by MedicAid.  I am stuck with them.  (So much for my hopes, but they are better than nothing.  Actually, for distance, most of my other, OLDER glasses are better than them). 

I left them some other glasses to repair, and we have an outstanding question as to whether lenses will be put into another pair.

(One possibility, re: the blurriness, is that my right eye is just getting worse fast).

BTW - this is a difficult CFS day for me.  I then walked to Harbor Freight, (which is an outlet for cheap Chinese hardware, etc., designed to destroy: Lowes; Menards; F&F; Fleet Farm; Ace Hardware; local stores, and eventually Walmart).  I returned something that didn't work.  And the cashier was really, really nice.  And I mean by this: Going out of her way, in the professional sense.  She was so smart, and on top of everything.  She had that gothy look, but was a little overweight.  Anyway, when she was checking me out, and I was talking to her, (telling her she was, "Sharp!"), I noticed, from her eyes, that she looked perhaps half-Chinese. 

When she was done, do you know what she did?  I swear not, she gave me this big, deep, low BOW to me!  I mean wtf!  It was so strange!  Was this her reward for my niceness?  Actually, I think CORPORATE, (i.e., the PARTY), might be pushing this as a new way to gain approval and, eh, take over the world.  You know, like Walmart tried to do with it's greeters. 

But, I was back to the real me who wants to, you know, investigate weird new things...

After that, I went to the supermarket, and shopped, with headache and fatigue.  Bus driver home was nice black guy who is nice.  We really get along, but I seem to really get along with all of the drivers, except the crazy preacher fool.

I am now drinking GF ginger beer mixed with ginger Kombucha tea.  Not that it will help.  I have been trying to culture Kombucha from store-bought brands, and in wth my own wicked tea mix.  Instead of my coffee/mocha mix first thing in the morning, I am moving to tea; and the mocha later in the day.

Watched, "Battle of the Sexes," and liked it, (as one who fought for women's and LGBT rights in the past, and now in my LJ posts). It had problems, but it made me tear up, and I would watch it again, which means it gets at least a C. I would probably own it, which gets it a B. I like Emma Stone, as I did in, "Crazy Stupid Love." She reminds me of that, "My Name Is Earl," lady who was also awesome in, "I Love You Man." Same kind of white trash face and nuttiness.
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