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I am the person who will destroy China.

News Report #1

Latest: French and British economists warn that climate change poses an existential threat to the world economy.  That means, if the change gets bad, fast, the world is in for tyranny, war and mass death from epidemics, food shortages, and so forth.  Bill McKibben has been warning about this for 30 years, (and others even longer).  And yet, he said, for all that time, we have been living in denial, locked in a fallacious debate, while governments and companies continue to pursue agendae of self-interest, and paths of least resistance.  Fueled, of course, by the Friedman/Thatcher/Reagan/Greenspan/Rand ideology of supply-side, trickle-up economics. which ignores issues at the grassroots.  And Trump, who has some populist policies, has been opposing climate change action, cutting environmental regulations, and supporting big oil, coal and Saudi Arabia - being the coup-de-gras of these decades of delusion.  And many Boomer liberals were taken with the glitz of the era, and took jobs to, "help people," while, at the same time accumulating wealth and debt, travelling in planes, buying McMansions, investing in corrupt corporations, and completely ignoring the big picture, and those who speak up - the crazies.  We live in the modern age, but vainglorious human retardedness is just the same.

It was recently reported that symptoms global warming symptoms in the Bering Sea are now as bad as we expected them to be in 2050.  That means that the climate is spinning out of control faster than anyone expected.  I know that this acceleration is due to the additional, unmeasured consequences of warming, which combine in a feedback loop, and send the climate into a permanent tipping point.  This surprising acceleration is precisely what McKibben has been warning us about.  Instead, we dig in our heals, enhance the status quo of the rich, create political paralysis, feed into government and social corruption, and pave the way for the establishment of stupid, fundamentalist governments.
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