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I was listening to the radio the other day, and it reported that people should be aware of a possible health risk. They went on about it. They said it was a fungus - but they didn't say anything else about it - it's name, where it's coming from, how it infects - nothing! What are we supposed to do with that kind of 'information'?! But it didn't stop there: They went into an interview with a local nurse or doctor, and she gave all kinds of tips... "Well, you always wash you're hands..." I am thinking that this town is just insane - like "Green Acres" - but yesterday, I am listening to NPR's quiz show, "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me!", and they ask a question, like, "What is the next epidemic," and the answer was, "A fungus!"

I was listening to a science show. A topic being discussed: What possible DNA difference were there between one twin who went into space, and the other who stayed at home. (remember time-travel and time dilation, where one person ages drastically over the other? It makes sense, in reality, that DNA changes would occur, yes? That's a possible inroad to connecting different disciplines). What happened was this: The space twin came back and the telemers on the end of his chromosomes did not shrink, lengthened! As if he had gotten younger! It seems improbable that radiation would cause this to happen. So I thought that possibly the immune system - or some mechanism - was causing some kind of global defense (lengthening telemers) in response to radiation damage to a smaller number of chromosomes, (shortening telemers). Certainly, something else could have been causing this, (even some reaction to spacetime travel). Well, within two days, the space twin's shrank down - to even shorter than they had been before he had gone into space! Freaky. It was as if, after coming home, he began to rapidly age!

All other thoughts of how any of this happened aside, it shows us that telemers are eminently mutable. They do not have to gradually shrink away, and then you die. Instead, there is the possibility that they can be slowed, or restored, helping to slow aging, at the least. Note that telemers are not necessarily the basic cause of aging, but they appear to have influence. (I believe that I went through rapid aging over the winter, because of a combination of big stressors, a flood of DHT, etc. My telemers may have been reduced, but now most of them can be rebuilt somewhat. Because of the obvious influence of DHT in my case, I think the relationship of hormones and telemers should be considered). Note that CRISPR technology has not yet managed to work on telemers, but it is trying.

By now, you readers should know that the health of the gut is crucial to the health of the body and mind. In the gut is a whole biosphere - civilisations of good and bad bacteria, all fighting to achieve prominence in there; and how things turn out depends on what kind of food goes in, what kind of drugs or other bacteria, and how stressed out you are, or if you become injured or infected. If you eat a lot of sugar and don't get enough sleep. one day your gut may be taken over by yeast, c. difficile, h. pylori, e. coli, and/or drug resistant pathogens. Then toxins would increase in your blood, cytokines would rev. up, your insulin would go awry, your brain would be attacked by glucocorticoids, immune problems like allergies and arthritis would eventually weigh you down. And you would fall into a cycle of declining health - and you would die because of too much sugar, long ago.

Think of it this way: You, and your friendly gut bacteria, have a certain way of living which you like. You are in a rhythm. All the bad bacteria cannot get a leg up, because you are locked in a cozy loop. But, if you awol more and more fissures in your loop, and more and more bad bacteria, etc., get in, there can come a typing point where all the bad bacteria have a vote, and decide: "No, we like doing things a DIFFERENT way." And, then, it becomes them who are in charge, it becomes THEIR loop which is in charge. You become a host for their party. You become an appendage to them, to their time, their rhythm, even their thoughts, and life patterns. They convince proteins or immune cells or genes in your body to join THEIR forces, and to change their habits towards THEIR favour. All this is so because every molecule in nature is on a mission to survive, and, if you let them, they will digest you, instead of the other way around. It is the exact same rule as the cat who is convinced to like mice, because of the toxoplasmosis pathogen. We are all parts in one big machine, and, if you let it happen, other parts will change you, there will be a paradigm shift, and earth change, and suddenly you are no longer an individual, but functions of other, alien parts. This is why, when you lose your integrity and succumb to poisons, you eventually may lose the integrity of your very existence, thought and spirit.

All this, and science too, has revealed how important the gut is to health. Now, there is the weird healing therapy of fecal cell transplants, which are being used for Multiple Scleroses, and more and more illnesses. And they are working! - Precisely because they are able to shake the scales, and reset the biological clock - returning people to THEIR own healthy loops! What better proof is there that a healthy gut is of fundamental importance?!!

Autism symptoms reduced nearly 50 percent two years after fecal transplant... "In a new study, researchers demonstrate long-term beneficial effects for children diagnosed with ASD through a revolutionary fecal transplant technique known as microbiota transfer therapy (MTT)."

And yet there is a concerted campaign to deny the "ridiculous Clean Food Movement!" - like the healthy eating ideas I offered in a recent post, which had nothing to do with any kind of so-called 'movement'. I will be posting about this arrogant, corporate campaign, (against providing for a healthy gut), in an upcoming post...

Regarding the picture of the black hole: Excellent research. I am wondering when they will put telescopes on the poles of the moon. But: No one has takes a picture of a black hole. No one has ever seen a black hole. No one will ever see a black hole. It's good stuff, but a tad disingenuous and unscientific, and is a tad scientific ego-stroking.
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