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Cat Stevens: Another Successful Outsider

Cat Stevens was born in England, to a Greek Orthodox Father and a Baptist mother, and was sent to a Catholic school. He appreciated skiffle and the Beatles, as well as Americans who had inspired the Beatles. This means he must have been influenced by George Harrison's guitar. George Harrison was born in Liverpool of an Irish Catholic mom and a Scots-Irish dad, ('Harrison'), and went on to have a religious enlightenment of a Buddhist sort. After Cat Stevens, (not his birthname), experienced prolonged tuberculosis, he stopped playing his Skiffle/pop/rock style, and proceeded in a spiritual, folk, searching direction. His songs are really comparable to songs of George in his early solo career. Eventually, Cat Steven's search led him to convert to Islam, thinking that music could be made into a kind of prayer. (If that's mainly what he based his conversion on, then I feel he was being naive). He left popdom, but returned to it occasionally. He even used the non-Muslim name, 'Cat Stevens', when he made one of his final albums. But, he was a genius of an artist, that many fans later felt was a real loss, because of his virtual departure. I think he still will have something to offer in the future, in some way, other than via private religion.

I have enjoyed some of his albums in the past. I don't own any. Tea for the Tillerman (1970) and Teaser and the Firecat (1971), were masterpieces. He also wrote several songs that made it big for other artists. He is interesting to read about. And, I would like to have a complete set of his works, just to follow the music's development, from start to finish. One of my favourite Love Songs, ever, is, "Rubylove." He has so many styles in his music. Although I have loved, "Peace Train," and many others, I have also ignored him because he was a little too laid back, as well. But, if I can get to a new apartment where I can actually SING again, I would really love to sing to Cat Stevens then.
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