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Climate Change Drove Some Neanderthals to Cannibalism

Climate Change Drove Some Neanderthals to Cannibalism

When global warming changed the Neanderthals' world, some adopted a gruesome dinner practice.
Credit: Shutterstock

Six Neanderthals who lived in what is now France were eaten by their fellow Neanderthals some 100,000 years ago, according to gruesome evidence of the cannibalistic event discovered by scientists in a cave in the 1990s.

Now, researchers may have figured out why the Neanderthals, including two children, became victims of cannibalism: global warming.

While prior studies have interpreted Neanderthal remains to find proof of cannibalistic behavior, this is the first study to offer clues as to what may have led Neanderthals to become cannibals. Scientists found that rapid shifts in local ecosystems as the planet warmed may have extinguished the animal species that Neanderthals ate, forcing them to look elsewhere to fill their bellies. [25 Grisly Archaeological Discoveries]

ANOTHER NOTE FROM MM!)!: Over the years of my interest in Neandertal, I composed a profile wherein they were vegetarians primarilly, and then hunter - as well as being religious, lingual, and artistic - so probably musical as well. So, when I heard about the findings of cases of cannibalism by Neandertal, which were few - 2-3 at most, I did a lot of thinking. I came around to the conclusion that the cannibalism of Neandertal was caused by climate change, which included the introduction of Homo Sapiens into Europe and also the diminishment of prey, as well as vegetable/berry/tuber foods.

Therefore, I was happy to have my view confirmed by this report. Why? There is no one else in my life providing confirmation. I make no money from my thought. And most people try to steal it for free. That is why I keep a record of my thought, my successes, and my influence. Neandertal, poor soul, never had such an opportunity, and look what the bastards did to him.

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