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How to postpone your death by a few minutes...

I haven't really been recovery a lot lately. I've been in the habit of eating Crispy Rice w/ bananae, and I thin I need to stop this, because that's too many carbs for me - tragic for CFS/FMS. When I had my CFS support group in Yee Olde City, most of the people were overweight females, because a lot of females who get CFS or FMS try to eat their way out of the fatigue, and just get fatter and sicker. They preferred pasta, other starches, sugar, etc. Actually, when I was first coming down w/ CFS, I started going into a pizza place everyday, eating the same ting: a little hot fudge sundae and a cup of caffeinated coffee. I was still going on my maxim that coffee and sugar were healthy companions. I did not yet know that sugar, caffeine and calcium were all making me sicker. And, I often had a slice of GLUTEN pizza before the sundae, yars.

Sugar feeds candida yeast, which is usually rampant and militarised in CFS/FMS. Sugar also prods mitochondria, the Krebs Cycle, ATP, and processes meant to help cell regeneration, including learning and memory via Protein Kinase), to rev up - which is exactly the thing(s) which exacerbates CFS/FMS and its crashes. Sugar also FEEDS CANCER. And, maybe you haven't noticed yet, but sugar, (and other fast carbs), make your skin and joints and brain age. This is also true of carbs from alcohol. Sugar also leads to stress, aging of stress areas in the brain, diabetes, and you name it.

What does caffeine do? It revs up these cycles as well. My maxim was that, if you are going to rev up your ATP, etc., w/ caffeine, then sugar is a great fuel for that acceleration - but NOT if you have CFS/FMS or some other illness. In fact, the healthiest, most healing diet for the body is not carbs, but ketones, preferably produced by the body during a fast. Coconut oil is a good food for keto diets. Sugars, on the other hand, get in the way of healing in the same way that lack of sleep gets in the way of sanity.

What's wrong with gluten? Well, part of my issue with gluten - wheat, barley, triticale(SP?), etc., is simply that these are also carbs. Maybe much of my body's disdain for gluten foods has really been a disdain for calories. In fact, most GF foods, like pizza shells(?), have more calories than wheat foods, because a lot of starches are added, mainly. But, the fact is, a lot of people are intolerant of the gluten molecule, and a lot more people are sensitive to it. The gluten molecule is big, complex, and sticky - it kinda reminds me of the protein plaque in the brains of Alzheimer's victims. It makes wheat dough plastic, cohesive and, well, doughy. Wheat dough smells great, rises well, and browns and crisps nicely - it is almost irresistible to serious gastronomes.

But do dogs eat wheat? Did wolves ever scour the fields, harvesting seeds from grass, and then eating them? I think not. Whenever you wonder if some food might pose problems for some humans, just ask yourself if dogs, our closest allies for many thousands of years, even bothered eating it. Potatoes, for example. Potato skins are toxic to dogs. Dogs or wolves never went around digging them up and eating them! Mushrooms? People hire pigs to sniff out mushrooms because dogs don't like them. And neither do a lot of people! In fact, a whole lot of mushrooms happen to be poisonous to us. Most roots and things that grow underground are a bane to dogs - and to some people. Like wolf-bane, right? Like garlic! Garlic and onions are also toxic to dogs - and werewolves. Well, garlic is a great antibiotic for human - because it is poisonous. But it is also acidic. I don't know about garlic, but onions, in any form, can be bad for many people.

Rather than harvest wheat to make bread and beer, dogs normally eat grass when they want to puke - am I wrong?

Most fruits were banned from canines, so monkey-people might enjoys them, as we have read in the Bible, right? Sugary fruits were a fleeting delicacy for humans, but anathema to dogs. But, a lot of New World fruits and nuts, like cocoa (chocolate), peanuts, tomatoes, eggplant, etc., can be toxic to dogs - even killing them - and can also cause serious allergies, etc., in some humans. Avocados are something never to be fed to dogs and, guess what? Avocados can cause serious diarrhea in many people - who would have guessed?! Who would have known that tree nuts, and so many otherwise super-healthy foods, could be very bad for some people to eat - as they have been even worse for dogs?

It is too bad that avocados can cause problems, because they contain a very healthy oil, etc., and are one of the least pesticide-contaminated foods. And it is too bad some people cannot eat tree nuts when, e.g., walnuts contain another very healthy oil, etc. But, if dogs ate walnuts, they would barf from so much tanic acid. And a big reason why dogs stay away from cherries, peaches and possibly avocados - (along with some nuts) - is because their pits contain cyanide! So, we must take heed of what dogs avoid, especially if we are dog-like people and have a lot of hair on our faces and have some kind of scatological problem.

(It is a wonder to me that my dog can tolerate carrots, pumpkin and peas, but yay for this - they do need some beta carotene. Broccoli, which some people are genetically predisposed to really HATE, is also something my dog is fine with. There are always exception to the rules).

These dog-taboo foods are not all bad for all humans, you see? Some of them may be bad for some people with genetic, allergic or illness-created issues with them. For example, caffeine, which is an actual natural PESTICIDE, is tolerable to many people, in small quantities - but it can kill them in large quantities, just like any toxic/addictive substance. So, if a food can be bad in this way - as even water can be - and/or it can be toxic to dogs, then it is probable that it will create problems for subgroups of more sensitive people. Caffeine for me, now, is a bad thing. It can reek havoc with my CFS, keeping me from ever settling down enough to regain healthy energy, such that I end up crashing and burning. At least wine puts me to sleep - although it does longer term harm.

It is the same with wheat, and related gluten foods. Many people, today, believe themselves to be sensitive to gluten, although the conservative, blind-monkey medical establishment dismisses this possibility, (as doctors dismissed CFS, or CFS doctors dismissed the Yeast Connection, and so on. We have seen this authoritative ignorance ruling and ruining people, and putting people to unnecessary death, though the Middle Ages and beyond, right?) Well, today's so-called doctors should not be so quick to dismiss, because: The amount of gluten in wheat grain HAS INCREASED OVER 40 TIMES ABOVE WHAT IT WAS ONLY 1/2 A CENTURY AGO. Don't you think that such a drastic increase, of an ALREADY CHANCY molecule, MIGHT JUST CAUSE SOME PEOPLE PROBLEMS?!

Wouldn't babies possibly develop sensitivities or intolerances when, after a year or two of freedom, they are suddenly inundated with gluten in baby food, (tomato soup in which it ubiquitous), bread, cereal, etc.? And, even if problems don't show up while young, what often happens is that, in young adulthood, the body basically just says, "I can't deal with (all) this anymore," and, like magic, the person suddenly comes down with food sensitivity, intolerance, allergy, diabetes or some other chronic illness. It's a covert overload that the exuberant young person cannot see until it is too late - (just as I so long had problems seeing that if I did not keep within my CFS, "energy envelope," I would end up crashing and being 100% useless to the world, including myself). And, so I, someone who has become sensitive to so many things beyond exercise and stress, have come to the conclusion that I am someone who is also sensitive or reactive to wheat, if not gluten. This can happen to you. It is just an acceleration of what happens to everyone: The gradual intolerance of life itself.

(Is it really any wonder that Campbell's keeps chugging along as a failing corporation, while it refuses to substitute the wheat in it's soup with xanthum gum, guar gum, etc., etc., when so many people are going GF and organic? It's just blatantly bad business. It appears to me that this is just another dinosaur corporation w/ family and CEOs just siting on their laurels, while Camden crumbles around them).

But let's not stop at gluten. There are two other elements in wheat which have been found to cause insentitivities, at least, in some people. This is relatively recent research. These molecules are both starches, and begin with the letters, "gl," though I cannot at the moment spell them out for you. Well, this means that a lot of wheat/barley/etc.-sensitive people, who think they are escaping distressing by avoiding gluten, may in fact be achieving no progress, since they are, or are also, sensitive to these two starches, which are often found in GF, (gluten-free), products! Wheat starches can be found in 'Chereos' type cereal, in canned meat products, and in many other foods.

Needless to say, (either way), many producers will deliberately myslabel the gluten in their processed products, calling, e.g., "vegetable protein," or, "hydrolyzed vegetable protein," and a few other deceptive names I cannot think of at the moment...

Recently, I bought a box of Millville (Aldi's) Crispy Rice. (They were just as mushy as I remember them from years ago). On the front of the box was the exclamation, "Made without High-Fructose Corn Syrup!" A quick look at the list of ingredients revealed that they were made by corn syrup. First of all, any sugar is bad. Next, I think that all corn syrup is high-fructose. Whether or not that is sufficiently true, all corn syrup includes fructose, the sweetener, which is the whole point of corn syrup. Fructose is a faster sugar than cane or beet syrup, meaning it is worse for people with diabetes, and so on. Next, all corn syrup is contaminated by Glyphosate/RoundUp. Next, virtually all corn syrup comes from corn which has been genetically modified to resist Glyphosate/RoundUp - which means that the corn is sprayed with an even greater amount of Glyphosate! Glyphosate destroys not only soil microbes, but your good gut microbes, which are closely related to soil microbes - including all those good yogurt bacteria. Are we done yet?

No! Most corn in the USA, along with most sugar beets, have been genetically modified. Apart from the added Glyphosate I mentioned above, GMO corn (syrup) is also a direct genetic threat to your gut's biology, your gut biota's biology, and so YOUR biology. There are scientific papers - of course not published by Big Ag, et al - which document direct changes to specific gut bacteria.

You may recall a few years ago, Frito-Lay advertised, "All Natural", on its Frito's Corn Chips. I spotted the lie immediately, because I knew that not only was most corn oil derived from GMO corn, but that this would certainly be the case with the corn from Frito-Lay, based in Plano, TX. A long time went by, but I was eventually please to find that F.L. was being sued over this false claim. F.L. argued that, although the oil was derived from GMO corn, as oil, it contained none of the GMO DNA.

Well, first of all, there was no way to prove that this was always true. And, second of all, this is why the definition of, "natural", or, "organic", is not based on the final product, but how the food was grown or raised. Even if F.L. failed because of these points, it might have also argued that the term, "natural," was simply a subjective advertising tool. But, I think we all know that natural means natural. When something is derived from genetic engineering, it is clearly not natural.

People have a right to trust the term, to be informed precisely of GMO, etc., ingredients, and so to freely CHOOSE not to buy GMO. If such is not the essence of America, then what is? As in the Oprah versus Texas Beef Industry decision, here was a case where public, natural COMMON SENSE won out over the amoral profiteering corporations, just as it did over The East India Company, and its King Charles, in the days of Thomas Paine.

I mean, isn't natural corn, plus heated oil, plus salt, unhealthy enough as it is???

Oh, btw, the people won against F.L. Funny how all these giant corporations, born from the people, and fed by the people, and serving the people, so often come out fighting against the people. Think about why that might be. One reason is because the processes of corporations are ultimately not entropically natural - as neither are those of capitalism in general - but this is too far afield for now.

Are we done yet? No! Because there is one more really bad about corn syrup, as opposed to sugar from Cuba or not), and that is this: For some reason, corn syrup contains exorbitant amounts of vaccines. So, listen. If its not the GMO. Or the glyphosate. Or the fish. Or the vaccines. Or the coal plants. Or the radiation. Etc. The the mercury in corn syrup might be why there are countless more autistic people than there were just a few years ago. Who knows... Maybe the increase in autism correlates to the same curve in increased gluten. Seriously, we think we know, but we are fricking boneheads, and that is more true for the professionals and corporatists and theocrats, who have been somehow (be)knighted by money, God and Lord Calvin, to lead us all into stupidity and death of the spirit. Psychos who never grew up are playing with us like we are little plastic soldiers. Or ants beneath a magnified sun.

We rush headlong into the likes of corporate fashion, future, Facebook, only to find ourselves imprisoned - over and over again. One more time: DON'T TRUST THE LABELS!

Finally: Milk. What could be wrong with milk? Cheese? Yogurt?

You don't normally see dogs or wolves suckling at, or milking, cows, goats or sheep, does yas? So, class, what should that tell you?

That's right. More dairy products can lead to osteoporosis, rather than what the label has been telling you. (Go research the science on this rather than argue with me). They can lead to heart problems, due to large fat molecules, calcium, and sugar. Dead, pasteurised milk is not something I would say is inherently beneficial to your gut, unlike yogurt. Milk has had hormones and chemicals added to it, though not so much these days. Of course, it comes from caged, unhappy animals, usually. And, it is basically a noble introduction to the human digestive tract, which is why the majority of humans are genetically bovine lactose-intolerant, just like dogs and wolves. This is one reason why people have fermented milk into cheese - to remove the lactose. But, as I said, cheese has large fat molecules. And, if you eat a lot of lactose, that can lead to lactic acidosis, which is not good for your muscles.

Alas - Milk also contains a molecule which some people cannot tolerate.  It if a big, fat, sticky protein called Casein.  Does that remind you of another protein - found in wheat?  That's right: The casein molecule has an entangled structure which actually resembles that of the dreaded gluten molecule.  How this coincidence happened in nature, I would like to find out some day.  But, it is probably safe to say that this big milk protein causes health symptoms similar to those caused by the big wheat protein.  (I may be writing of the relationship of these two molecules to gut yeast and serotonin one day).  Finally, what good do you think a big glue-like protein is going to cause inside the human body - unsuited to being suckled by cattle?  Heart problems maybe?  Allergies?  Maybe we should just wait until science has proved how these chemicals have killed so many people...  Woops!

I saw a little old couple behind me in the grocery aisle, once. They were so tiny and white, chattering like birds with each other. They must have grown up in Wisconsin, because, all they unloaded was cheese and milk and milk and cheese and eggs and more cheese and...

Milk makes you old. This is something I have learnt. First, there is the sugar, which definitely makes you old - see above. Then there are the large fat molecules, which, when combined with inflation and CALCIUM, can cause heart trouble - and, my guess is, can also loosen collagen or connective tissue. Next, there is the calcium which, as mentioned above, increases osteoporosis due to other chemicals in milk, making you very tiny, white and vulnerable to hip fractures and all that.

If you want to live a few minutes longer, avoid these things: Calories; Sugar; Corn Syrup; Milk Products; heated fats or partially hydrogenated fats (or trans fats); processed meat or meat from large animals; additives, of course; Glyphosate; toxins; GMO; poor sleep or lack thereof; unresolved stress; addiction; lack of exercise; lack of hope, direction, value or belonging.

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