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DID YOU KNOW?: People who smoke light cigarettes ahve a greater chance of getting lung cancer than people who smoke regulars? They inhale harder. Less Nic, but same @ of additives.

DID YOU KNOW?: People who drink sugar-free sodas have a greater chance of becoming fat than people who dring regular sodas? It's because insulin is fooled into increasing more.

DID YOU KNOW?: Glucose is a primary agent of aging and memory-loss?

DID YOU KNOW?: Now that I've stop using Minoxodil, my hair is growing back like gangbusters?

DID YOU NOW?: I had another bad migraine in the left/frontal quadrant of my so-called-brain. When I felt OK enough for a cigarette, I lit up, and this helped lessen the migraine? I tried it later, and same thing happened! Sex, coffee, beer - nothing else works like this!

The war of the weeds continues. But there has been a truce because of impending rain. If it isn't rain, it's illness, etc., etc.

Hey - did I say what happened Waterfront weekend?

Oh - I found this nifty little devise that lets journal-users screen comments made by non-friends. That way cowardly dweebs can't vent their pathological envy on people who are actually putting an effort into being sincere, direct, fun and considerate.

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