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cf /duh - lost brain

Time out of Mind again

Posted on 2019.03.27 at 14:49
So, OK. I am writing this directly online.

That little incident which caused my heart a little stress 2-3 days ago indeed threw me into another CFS relapse. It involved a police officer cornering me with questions in my downstairs hallway. She meant no harm but this is what happens. I'll post about that later.

Despite illness, I have been plugging away, getting my computer reinternetised. What do you know, but I was infected yet again. Same old route, same old agents. I saw exactly how it came in, and what ports the hacker tried to use. I will write about it later. I stopped it from shutting me down again. But, it proves to me that I am in fact a target. Instead of dismissing this, learn from 'my mistakes' and, instead of muffling your own free speech, learn how to stay online.

My vision is really bad, and I have to sit or crane, and this has not been helpful to my CFS. My glasses will arrive in 3-4 months. Within two years, I will have eye surgery. I am very tired right now and I might even try to sleep. So, the news is that I seem to be safely online at least w/ LJ, and I will start doing posts when I feel better.

Big problems - all my hundreds of RSS feeds no longer work. So, I will be seeing if I can correct this...

Also don't seem to be able to repost LJ posts from elsewhere...

Can't access sites via FFx Pocket anymore, since this requires Amazonaws / Cloudfront - but you might like this..


Esp. for Space_66


space_66 at 2019-03-28 21:40 (UTC) (Lien)
Thanks for this. Expresses much more clearly some tangents my own mind had wandered upon. Still missing some vital piece, though I may be closing in on that, someday.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2019-03-31 21:45 (UTC) (Lien)
You're welcome. I did notice you melting into your couch. I didn't know what you were coming down from - ?

I have had a few recent thoughts or readings re: 'infinitesimality' - which I cannot remember since I am so fucking tired. But I will keep on this topic, and on consciousness, and psychic-ness, for a while. Hopefully, at least you might appreciate this or that. Later.
space_66 at 2019-04-01 00:02 (UTC) (Lien)
I pushed the limits of high, but in my quest I took it a little too far...

Those topics have always been my favourite and are always appreciated in any form, and whenever you feel up to making them.
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