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prelude to a deluge

Posted on 2019.03.22 at 13:08
Hi. I am at the library. Only have a few minutes. Pushing myself today. New computer set-up here is even slower than last year. Still revamping computer at home. Must deal w/ firewall glitch, then download/install anti-malware, and a little more, and then I will be ready to roll again. I need to do so many things on computer/internet soon!

"Here is something I wrote yesterday. Incomplete because my mind was not in philosophy mode. More later..."...

As I begin this, the time is 5:30pm, Thurs, March 21. I have been downloading (via dial-up) and installing mainly Windows updates. Since there have been lots of failures, I have had to repeat the attempts over and over again. So, this has been taking many days, after doing the main revamp, where I have been TRYING not to see thngs go wrong again. I have a few other unposted posts sitting around, TBC, one of which notes that it appears that my computer was in fact reinfected early in the process. I appear to have cleared that up, so far...

I have been regaining health, with a set sleeping schedule from 6pm, to 2am, every day. It's bizarre but 'fun'. Near the end of my 'day', I have been getting things done, as my computer hums away. Yesterday, I washed all guilty dishes, filled gallons of new drinking water bottles, (64oz each x about 30), I steamed some delicious organic broccoli, I made burritos, etc. Today, after some illness, I made some serious GF spaghetti, which includes lots of veggies, like peas, to make it more proteinish. Some of the spaghetti is high-protein edamame. Did lots of other kitcheny things recently.

I am very tired right now, but I am trying to stay awake a little longer, hoping I don't blow my circadian will to sleep. Tomorrow, I have a long day of shopping and walking, beginning at the library, and ending up at around 5:30pm, after which, I am supposed to do the regular celebration with GF beer or such. If you normally go to bed like around 11:pm, then this would be like coming home right before 11 and yet carrying on for some hours longer. This sort of thing threatens to destroy my rhythm/schedule and do me, due to my high degree of physiological testiness.

I don't know how much more I shall write 'tonight', but I was thinking of turning this into a post about... I think I am too tired to remember well and do justice to the three concepts ...


divinelyelegant at 2019-03-22 21:03 (UTC) (Lien)

‘Regular celebration with beer’ - is it your birthday?

Yay for regaining health! I’ve been learning to take it Day by day and celebrate the small achievements. Sounds like you’re kicking it! Careful not to push too hard too soon even if you’re feeling well. I hope that doesn’t sound over cautious.

I would love to have a regular sleeping pattern. But I agree, it’s just so hard with socialising, and then adding gigs into the mix. A lot of the time we don’t even start playing until after my optimal sleeping time.

where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2019-03-25 22:52 (UTC) (Lien)
Well, I just celebrate the nothingness of existence, or something. Every week, I accomplish my round of shopping and walking, get home, and break open some beer or wine as a reward. And in anticipation of more illness, lol.

Yes, I was regaining health, but as I may post tonight, something always comes up, in this town, to cause me more probs. Something seemingly innocuous happened yesterday, and made today not so great. I think I will regain the upward curve tomorrow. Yes, learning to celebrate the small achievements is so important. After learning to do this, I discovered how so many oth3er people don't respect or appreciate this. So.

Your music gigs, which I 'envy', must be a bit of a challenge as well as a reward. As long as you can catch up on sleep each week, (?!), then you will not have a sleep deficit, but you can't catch up for sleep lost month/years ago, so i've heard.

There is a fellow here whom I am thinking of jamming with. I am thinking of making a lot of big changes despite this illness. Good luck to you and your music.
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