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Ill and Annoyed

So I have not revamped my computer yet, and I am just hoppng online real quick, probably to get shut down pretty soon. I am, however, writing this post offline first.

I want to thank you all for still being around, what's left of you. My life sucks, and at least there is still LJ to talk to. It's really too bad that my posts are often negative, but you know what. Justice usually doesn't come about unless there is some kind of negativity first. The squeaky geek gets girl, or belt, or something. Hey - I saw movie, "The Spectacular NOW," (about 2014), and it is a good one. I'll mini-review it later.

I went to get an eye exam. I am getting bi-focal glasses specifically so I can work on the computer - WRITE. It was a really thorough and pleasant enterprise. Mt glasses won't be ready for months and months and, even then, my vision will be getting worse, so. Now, since I actually had a bad day, let me go hither...

Lately, I have had an idea for a post about why everyone is leaving Illinois. I don't know if I will include much of that here, but I will use some of it...

Illinois now has more places where one can gamble than Nevada. 7,000. While more and more people leave the state, Illinois, now under the airs of a Democrat, feels it must bring in more and more tax money. Yes, it is good that the new governor wants to levy a more progressive tax on the rich. But that doesn't stop either party from wanting to bring in more and more money from gambling. The fabulous Indian tribes, who are an elite in this regard, can tell you that the monstrous parasite of gambling revenue is a winny-win-win - for a small, select group of people, that is. But, any academic knows, gambling is an ultimate dead-end. The house is the winner. So, when you put the house in a finite population of people, that means that the people get poorer and poorer, while a tiny handful may hit the jackpot. It's like mowing down a prairie for enough alfalfa crop to feed a few cows, and not a diversity of fauna and flora. You do that for a while, and then everything collapses, including the house, the state.

Gambling revenue is a kind of tax by coercion - relying first by the carrot or psychological addiction, and then by the stick of lucrative imprisonment, due to every sort of crime associated with general disenchantment and loss. It is like a pusher relying on someone needing more and more drugs, to then get hit by the fact that the customer hits a wall. So, feeding off of addiction necessarilly requires the dealler to expand into the world of pyramid schemes. The state so feeds addiction, punishes it, and also advances a growing conspiracy of corruption, and demands more and more expansion of its points of gambling revenue, and more and more sane people leave the state. And more and more insane people expire. The state or Illinois promised gambling revenue would pay for education, but it hasn't - just as the promised "Peace Dividend" never materialised, and we are back at war with Russia. I've been watching it all. Corruption rules this country, this planet. Your dollars are nothing but cookies cut to keep you quiet. Everything is corporation - the stores, the schools, the cities, the states, the country. It is all about profit to the entrenched elites, and then figuring out how to placate the masses enough so that it all keeps chugging along. Of course, dividing and conquering the mass of less fortunate, by its willing consent, by reference to its primitive emotions, is its primary game. We are its primary game. The hunter knows the game.

OK, so look at it this way. Psychology of the people in the state sinks lower and lower. Things fall apart as China and Mexico and Walmart and Amazon come in and take away the local small businesses, the jobs, the heart. Those with enough sense leave the state. Those who remain are more and more a crop of petulent, pathetic creeps and addicts. Except for those elite, mainly around Chicago. All around, there are shootings, and attacks, and incivility, and partisanship, and shut-downs, etc., etc. Except, not for the elites, especially around Chicago.

Really, when Illinois demands more and more revenue from gambling, rather than more socialistic remedies, what it is doing is say, "We entirely endorsing the rising gap between the rising rich and the falling poor. We don't mind if more and more of the general public fall farther and farther behind, so long as we can tap the despair of a little more and more of them. In fact, the more they fall, the more we gain. And most of that gain does not go towards new streets or new education - it mainly goes to serve the dwindling, and more powerful, elites around Chicago and, yes, the bondholders in Spain, and China, and so on." See what I am saying here? Increased gambling revenue attempts are an admission of failure, and a prompt for an sane person to leave the state, just to get away all the crap. And I mean all the crap. The fish rots from the head-first, and all the corruption sponsored by the Chicago, etc., elites has moved out of that city into cheaper and safer towns, and now the whole damn thing is just one big dystopian fuck hole.

Long ago, I found out that the concept of respect is completely foreign here. The only kind of repect that exists here is the pause whilst one party learns how and when to trash the other. It's disgusting. And the concept of minding one's business is flouted as weakness and naive, where instead all endeavours are thrown behind a growing and growing cancer bent upon only one thing: messing with, controlling and taking away anyone and everyone else's business. Stealing credit. Stealing identity. Stealing memory. Stealing money. Do not for one minute think that this is a land of Christians. I say this in equal disdain for all other hypocrisies in the world. Against this backdrop, Illinois enjoys a higher morality only because of its past fortune, luck, and warfares. Here we have the genesis of the Chicago School of Economics, telling the world that is best which is given in credit to the suppliers, the takers, the liars. While the world listens to the Chicago School, what has been going on in this country, and certainly Illinois? A massive back-stabbing of kin and kind up and down the spine of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and now they climb to bleed the people through addiction, false promises and 'chance' that favours the house.

Recently, I heard a very good Illinois Public Radio programme about gambling in this state, which should be aired on NPR's, "Reveal." One fellow told how he had become addicted to video gambling in his small town - which had three video gambling places. He did it because it was convenient, just like democrats say people use guns. Availability. But couple that with a shit state and society going to the dogs, right? That's the explosive combination. So, this poor guy sought help for his gambling addiction. But this is what he was told: "Well just don't gamble anymore!"

That is so fucking Illinois. This stupid selfish stale mentality which isn't even elegant enough to be mistaken for the arrogance of Calvinism, which is blame, blame, blame whilst denying all blame, so long one is safe in one's job, or role, or habit, or church, or addiction... How I cheer on my beloved Cheeseheads who revile these terds.

You know, one of my three majors in one of the best public universities in the country, was psychology. I studied the brain, Alzheimers, autism, stress, etc. Well, I won't even get into what my Illinois relatives did...

Anyway, this state is one of insanity, and no one even knows it. It doesn't matter about the stats on Chicago shootings, or of corruption, or of people leaving, or of the total number of Illinois governors behind bars, the primmest of the prime here see no problem, and blame anyone who suggests there is a problem. Why? Because they continue to be nothing more than dinosauric birds tagged to, and following after, wealth prestige and privilege, as all the rest go plundered and blundering asunder. lol

OK - I had a bad Illinois day, trying to get the dysfunctional bus, having to walk mile while ill, getting attacked again by a mob of kids. Because the eye exam took so long, after I had walked there, because of the stupid bus company, the bus driver taking me home was angry at me because I was late. And I just want to get the fuck out of this crap. It never composts into anything better. It just likes being crap, sitting there, getting in your shoes, over and over again. When people see that I am the only person who cleans up after my jobs, they assume they can come over and yell at me to clean it up MORE. Meanwhile, their renters next door leave their plastic bottles and straws deliberately on my lawn, leave bones out for my dog, etc., etc., because they are all fucking insane. I will talk to you later about what happened today but listen. You want to understand what is really going on in the world? Drop your god damn wishes and assumptions and demands. Stop blaming right-wingers. Stop blaming shooters. You are all puppets of the weather, pretending you are all-powerful. That is the mindset of a fucking mass-shooter. Just fucking stop.

God loves death.

That's all it is. Get that through your fucking heads. Then maybe you will all the fuck leave each other alone.

I am not speaking to my LJ friends - just to humanity in general as always.

General Humanity, reporting for duty, sir...

I'll be really glad when my computer is revamped, and then when I have new glasses to stear me by.

But I will be really glad when I get the hell out of this state of Illannoyance.

Happy Saint Patrick's to all who understand.

Note - "The Good Catholic" was not so bad, mini-review later. The funny guy I have no idea where I've seen him again and again. Total blank, weird.
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