where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Bodies in motion

I haven't changed my clocks ahead because I never changed them back. My dog and I have been on Central Standard Time since this time last year. It's fun being a little off, right? RIGHT?! I chose to live this way because I didn't like altering my dog's body clock and schedule. I am happy I did this and so is my CFS.

I have been waking up around 2 or 3 in the morning, CST. I take the dog out. Then I lie waiting to be ready to get up. Then I have eggs, and watch a movie I have seen before. Around 4 or 5, I have funky oats - which is a tradition carried over from eating Rice Crispies - a fun thing I haven't done in years - with 1/3 a banana - something that is dangerous for me to do, as sugar is so bad for me. But I love it. REAL CEREAL. A large box is only 3 servings for me, tho, yo.

After months of some pretty terrific insomnia and dyssynchrony, I am finally on some schedule again - very different to my normal Nightfly routine.

Today, I have been gathering info for my SS reevaluation. I have been going through disorganised papers all over the place, and using the opportunity to cull and organise. I was hoping to find one paper in particular, where a neurologist goes into detail about my brain and cognitive difficulties. After many hours of searching, I gave up on this. Now, it is 6 pm CST, and I am feeling like going to bed already, exhausted, but not in severe CFS. An improvement over the last 1/2 fucking year.

So, early tomorrow, I will write a little something up, and later go to the library, make copies, use computer, send the mail, etc. Since I paid the unfair $21 they charged me last year, I can actually use the library again. So - I will rent a few movies, get a bottle of wine, eat some chips, and thank god I am not the sea slug I once was in a past life. Isn't life wonderful?

btw - My computer continues to be hacked away. I won't describe it to you, but it actually shut off my computer today. So, it won't be long until I go offline again for a while, for I must completely refresh my computer, from the OS up. That will mean days upon days of arduous attempts to download security updates, etc., etc., via dial-up. With one eye tied behind my back.

Goodnight again to this cursed hemisphere. You are no match for my dreams.
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