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CNN Fires Analyst Following Defense of Palestine

CNN Fires Analyst Following Defense of Palestine at United Nations

NOTE: I really don't care to hear about the endless Israel/Palestine conflict, involving the entire Middle East. But I have learnt to favour the Palestinians these days. I guess, in the USA, you can be fired for your job for this.

I heard Ben Shapiro talking about this, and he, of course, insisted that tthis person SHOULD have been fired, for, "Opposing the existence of Israel! This is the ultimate antisemitism!" He based this on the statement, "From the river to the Sea." He said that this means wiping out Israel, which exists between the river and the Sea. (So did Palestine, btw).

1 - "River to the Sea," can mean 1/2 Israel, and 1/2 Palestine. It DOES NOT INHERENTLY MEAN wiping out Israel. Shapiro is blasting the hyperbolic victimisation charge, which, we have seen in the past, can easilly transmute into its own kind of fascism. There is such a thing as 'fascist' Zionists, who seek to rule by force, domination, and even extermination. Which is foolish, because Israel is in the midst of Arab states rapidly increasing in population and in weapons capability.

2 - This person fired by CNN was actually advocating a state wherein both, and presumably all, religions or ethnicities could coexist, democratically, from the river to the Sea. What, in that, means calling for the destruction of Israel, or of the Jewish people? The state of Israel was founded on ideals of democracy, tolerance and progress, (even as it took away land from Arabs). All this fired person was advocating was a return to that original ideal, which is contrary to the Hootenanny government. (lol, oh spell-check!)

So, those who start of siding with CNN, versus, "antisemitism," would do well to look closer at what is going here, and with CNN. I haven't really written much about CNN, and all that swirls around it, but all I will say now is this: Get our news from many sources, and think for yourself. More on CNN later.

PS - I have listened to Shapiro a few times, and will mention him more later. I agreed with him on a few topics, but I disagree on more, and am highly critical of him.

There are dangerous precedents bing set in the silencing of voices, left and right, but mostly right. This is occurring in mainstream media, the internet, and in society. It is being driven by big money, which is usually globalised in its power or liquidity. CNN is a vehicle for big money, hiding behind establishment left-wing presumptions and rhetoric, such as, "Free Trade", "Pro-Israel", and, "Anti-Trump." (Trump happens to be pro-Israel, pro-Saudi-Arabia).

I don't care whether I agree with these presumptions 100% or 0%, I strongly disagree with censorship, silencing or firing, especially when based on false witness or 'facts', and/or on hyper-political, corporatist, or non-news agendas.

Also, Trump's Alex Jones' base tends to be anti-Israel, based not on antisemitism, but on actions of Israel and its politicians.  There are some followers of Jones who are antisemitic, but so are some of the followers of liberals.  If you take the time to listen to Jones, you will find he is not racist, antisemitic, pro-violence, etc. - none of these establishment liberal presumptions which have been used to ban him on the internet. And, neither do I agree w/ Jones all the time. I am critical of him always. What is wrong with listening to all voices?! Both Shapiro and Jones are flaming conservatives, but they disagree strongly with each other on some issues!  And one or both of them disagree w/ the GOP on various issues - and either may agree with liberals at times.

Compare. Contrast. Progress!
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