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Why multitasking works — if we slow it down. “To do two things at once is to do neither,” so the saying goes. But economist and journalist Tim Harford thinks that doing two things at once — or three or even four — is exactly what we should be going for, so long as we slow down to do them right. Harford calls this concept “slow-motion multitasking,” and it’s a pattern of behavior common in highly creative people of all stripes — from Einstein and Darwin to Michael Crichton and Twyla Tharp. Slow-motion multitasking is “when we have several projects in progress at the same time, and we move from one to the other and back again as the mood takes us or the situation demands,” he says. The benefits of this approach are manifold. For instance, creativity often comes from moving an idea out of its original situation and into a new context. As Harford puts it: “It’s easier to think outside the box if you spend some time clambering from one box to another.” What’s more, learning to do one thing may help you do something else. Harford gives the example of medical trainees who became significantly better at analyzing and diagnosing images of eye diseases after spending time studying art. And by balancing several fulfilling projects at once, Harford explains, you’re less likely to get stuck: a setback on one project presents itself as an opportunity to work on another. So how do you keep all these creative pursuits straight in your head? Harford suggests storing related information in separate boxes — whether these are actual physical boxes or digital folders — that can be easily accessed when inspiration strikes. “We can make multitasking work for us, unleashing our natural creativity,” Harford says. “We just need to slow it down.”

NOTE: This form of multitasking is something I have pursued for many years, as an adjunct to mindfulness, aware that I was flouting the conventional dogma that men are from Mars.  It has worked for me, and I think it is an essential aspect of being a creative human animal.  When the mind tires of one task, it vacations in another, or sleeps, and in this way, great discoveries are made, great art is constructed, great intercourse is videotaped.  However, due to my illness, I am not able to follow this multifarious avenue much, without burning the mocha, or such.  And, if I can swing it - and if my computer is actually functioning without ten minute pauses - and if I can keep all other idiots out of my house and my head - then maybe I think up a good thought or two.  Which is more than I can say for the great majority of tunnelvision Reptilians.  And I seem to manage this despite having surrendered my pineal, amygdala, and caudate nucleus.  Some would say my mind.  They need to MTOB.

BEFORE YOU CLICK THE PIC TO SEE THE FULL ARTICLE: This article is about wonderful things to think and do, all about the amazingness of progress, and all that.  But, one should be wary of both TED people and Merck people, but especially when they both get together.  There is a danger of techie overload, where Muskian promises of progress go overboard and get all enraptured with themslaves, talking about vaccines, and 5G, and milking you for all your medical information, and so on.  Scientific progressivism can be just as wrong in its lunge towards some imagined future/s, as is backwoods conservatism in its demand to hold on to systems of the past - about 50%.

Nevertheless, there are many hopes for the future that we can all look at and think about, and maybe work towards.  This article offers many cute propositions of this sort.  It is good to believe that you, and a future, can still be possible, even as we all know that the damned planet is going to hell in a handbasket, um.  So, if you like ideas for a better future, you might also like to add eco_altrnatives Yale Climate Connections today which you might find via HERE.

Now - I must die unto the night because I am immensely fatigued etc.  Don't ever wish this on your worst enemies unless they are also my worst enemies.
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