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Talking Turkeys - Part One

Did you know turkeys can talk? That's right - and they can also spit in your face, stab you in your back, and buy away all your friends and family. And that's a meal made in America!

I didn't feel like going through the whole process of brining & spicing my turkey this year. Yesteray, I had to boil some fermented beets, and then boil some fermented sweet potatoes, (because of a little mould), before I could use a pot to make some pasta to be put into the stuffing. Therefor, making the stuffing, and then popping the turkey in the oven, started pretty late.

This time, I fully used the gigantic turkey broiler can which almost doesn't fit into the oven. I thought this might take longer to cook the turkey, since it takes longer for the heat to penetrate the closed can. I was wrong, because at some point, the heat in the can is more stable than that which constantly escapes the oven. That means that the turkey cooked faster than usual, and turned out overdone - but roundly browned. Haven't tasted it, due to my strict CFS religion.

The stuffing/dressing is tasty but too loose - because I didn't use enough bread compared to other things. But I actually didn't care, and knew it would turn out loose. I wanted to keep some bread for future sandwiches. GF bread is tres expensive. Now, I also have cooked red cabbage, cooked de-sugared sweet potatoes, potatoes/gravy, kale, etc. - way too much food, considering I should be doing a fast. Even so, I might get another turkey after this disappears, because it is a great, cheap way to make my dog happy in the wintertime. If that's the case, I might not even clean out this giant broiling can.

I am also swimming in antioxidants. Lots of spill-over, red water from boiled cabbage, from beets, from sweet potatoes, which I add to my ever-fermenting veggie juice, chocolate/coffee drink, etc. I also use chocolate and coffee as anti-oxidants - all to fight the harrowing dementia/vertigo of my CFS. Too bad other people's lack of my knowledge has led to the early death of people with Alzheimers, etc. But, in this world, pride and narcissistic control count more than living in the real world. Yes, I am speaking of other sorts of turkeys.

When one is afforded a tiny amount of money to set aside for extra spending, or else emergencies, then it takes a long, long time to actually build some kind of life - even if it is in the poorest part of town where one is constantly disrespected and berated or even assaulted, essentially mocking any sort of progress or motivation one has incubated. All this is a priori - a prelude to any possible conception of having any such things as babies in one's life.

So, it took me a long while to be able to replace my faltering kitchen table with a big, strong picnic table, which can seat six people. I bought that two years ago, new, at a fabulous price. Patience eventually leads to these small successes, even whilst the world may be spinning anon into some other kind of 'Paradise', ('pun' intended). Aside this table, is another addition - a small new table than can seat two. In an apartment that could sleep four, even before the addition of sleeping bags, etc., I have estimated that I could serve up to 20 people here. 20 people eating turkeys.

Alas, had I ever pursued the fantasy of having Thanksgiving here in my little corner of the world, it would have resulted in 20 turkeys eating people.

And, so, nothing, is what I get, for living in the real world. You can find the true carnivores toasting 'Scrooge's' grave, when each and every one of them knows that he or she is the ghost that spent a lifetime driving the nails into his heart. To be good in the eyes of a lie.

You have to beware of these people who conflate love with control. When the advatage strikes their fancy, they will kiss the ass of those who control them, just to come out a buck ahead. But, when the spectre disadvantage looms upon them, they will snub, attack or crucify the ass of those who show real love, real consideration, real generosity or deference. They will bury those who step aside to let them breathe free, and they will imprison themselves in an eternal grave for those who dominate and exploit them.

When convenient, they tell others, everywhere, what to do. When convenient, they blame others who are NOT telling them what to do, for telling them what to do. Double standard. Self-serving bias. Self-aggrandizing head-in-assholery.

And their learning begins young, like the psychopath, backwards and paradoxical. Off on the wrong foot, it only builds and builds through life, so that the believer becomes more and more corrupt, more and more hypocritical, more and more destructive in his or her love, more and more demanding in their overcompensation to control. They never stop. They keep pushing the lie. They keep stealing the truth. They create holy alliances and religions which are nothing more than feigned honour amongst thieves.

Look at the guy who attacked me Wednesday evening. I was standing outside the supermarket, waiting for the bus - seriously late again, (see below). Riding at me, from thee dark, with the light straight in my eyes, is a man on a bike, He rides right into me, and stops, with an angry silence, AT ME - as if I have started some kind of problem. He is waiting for me to get out of his way. Never mind that he expects me to read his mind as to what he is trying to do with his bike, the fact that he just sits there waiting for something, not saying anything, like explaining, or like, "excuse me," - it's just like, who is this fucker pulling this crap here?!

But, in his mind, he has already set up the contest for control. He expects me to either lovingly kiss his ass and get out of some kind of way, or else he MUST control me. In fact, he set to controlling me before he even drove up - because his brain is on its own, single, narcissistic track - and anything anyone else does is some kind of attack. NOW - don't think of transferring HIS paranoia onto me, as is so often done by bastardly contrarians, devils advocates, or lawyers looking only to be on the side that's winning. The fact is that I was minding my own business, not out to control anybody, and this turkey comes out of the blue, rams me, and starts telling what to do. Maybe if, like, I was crossing a street where he was riding, or something - but even in THAT, the law is on my side.

What happens next? I don't know who said something first. But I did say that I was fine where I was at, that he could go around me, that he couldn't push people around just because he had a bike, (or a car, or a company, or a political position, or a government, or a religion, etc.). He starts SHOUTING at me, "PLEASE! Then, PLEASE!" But, he was shouting this as some kind of order, so I said, "You didn't say please when you started off." And he continue pushing into me with his bike and his body. He gets off his bike to fight with me.

As I have said, it would please me to no end to do some serious bodilly harm to someone at this point, but I, and my CFS, and Thanksgiving, was not in the mood at the time. So, I went to call the cops. The attending cop was nice, but the guy got away. Maybe they caught him later, I never sought to press charges.

This was assault. But, you know, if he had some asshole loving wife, right, she would have looked on it as, "Boys will be boys."

No. Turkeys will be turkeys, and so they eventually get shot.

Too tired too continue this theme. Remind me later to describe how one of my relatives assaulted my mother, trying to force her to go to the hospital a day before she wanted to. Once again, I mistakenly extended my loving generosity when I should have, it turns out, called the police on this person. Like that of my other relatives, his family life is similarly filled with the same sort of love=control, children-of-adult-alcoholics emotional violence, hiding behind the lies of social goodness.

You know, there are two ways of coming out of a dysfunctional upbringing. One is to do the hard work, and become your own person, in the real world. The other is to internalise the same mannerisms and abusiveness of the dysfunctional parent/s. By becoming a fake, cardboard cut-out of that parent, one can completely insist that there was, 'never anything wrong,' with the abusive parent in the first place! And that gives just perfect justification for all of one's subsequent blames, and controls, and abuses, and thefts, so lovingly inflicted upon others, who are like bystanders in the path of one's greatness.

I call this, "divine turkey logic."

Part two: A belated guide to buying organic, humanely treated turkeys, and such.
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