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The Curse of Librarians!

ted talks:

A librarian's case against overdue book fines | Dawn Wacek

Libraries have the power to create a better world; they connect communities, promote literacy and spark lifelong learners. But there's one thing that keeps people away: the fear of overdue book fines. In this thought-provoking talk, librarian Dawn Wacek makes the case that fines don't actually do what we think they do. What if your library just ... stopped asking for them altogether?

NOTE: I live in a post-America city which, in some ways, is trying to keep living in the 1950's, and on the other hand, is extensively polluted with spite, hate, passive aggression, groupism, fear, blame, malice, without pity, etc. It is a townie conspiracy obsessed with quashing the free, culling the poor, killing the mind. The town's library is run by a large woman and her two large daughters. Needless to say, nepotism, inbred dysfunction, and an attitude of 'ownership' of the library and its patrons, combined with the town's sadistic stupidity, to levy fines out of thin air - for nothing. Nothing but spite. Sheer nerdy librarian resentment and will to power.

I've seen this face on females in the past. For instance, on my sister, as we sat at a table with my mother. She laughed at one of my jokes with such jealousy and hatred, she gave a grimacing snarl that looked like some angry prehistoric animal - and my mother shouted, "That face!" Or - I was once working alongside a waitress friend. While were talking, I had my toes curled. She suddenly stomped on that foot, crushing the toes. I yowled and she just kept crushing, and laughing. Now, one of those toes won't move. Or - how about the female - females - who stole my son? The abortion I was never consulted on. Just signs that women - like the defrocked Aung Sang Su Chi(sp?), Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Christine Ford, Teresa May, Nether Girl, my gossipping LL, women that take everything you have only to run off like the girl in "500 Days of Summer", etc. - promise no better governance in this world than men. I wouldn't trust a librarian as far as I could throw her. Or throw a book at her.

Right - so I've reported this all before to you journal police. My account at this library suddenly started showing that I hadn't returned DVDs or books, even though I had. Many items. This kept happening. I had to go back and report this - so the male librarian had to go and check the shelves and, sure enough, the items were all sitting there undisturbed. I acquired massive fines. I determined that this was not a technical mistake. THEN. After that. Someone shifted the due dates for DVDs that I had checked out, so that suddenly I had a total fine of $20 or so! That was levied on me, a disabled person, who NEEDs to walk to places, like the library, as little as possible. Now, combine this with other townie BS inflicted on the likes of me, and you see how it all conspires against the least fortunate.

And never underestimate the extent to which idiots may actually be bastards. Never underestimate how mistakes or misfortunes may not have been instigated by thieving jerks. High School politics didn't end at High School, and sibling rivalry is a lifelong pathos which elects all of our representatives. No one who shoots mistakes like bullets at you ever feels any consequence him or herself, other than a numbing rush of dopamine that says, "You are superior and comfortable in a just world now!" Meanwhile, the object of their micro-agression goes home with heart problems, and so on.

For example... I walked all thge way to the DVD store, ill and exhausted, only to find a sign on the door, "Closed early." FINE. Next week, I walk all the way to that store again. It is open. I put down 4 of my own DVDs to trade-in - at 5o cents each, as advertised. The clerk was a kind of couch potato - a little pale, flaccid and chunky, who also said he really like, "Jeff, Who Lives At Home" - a movie about a heroic couch potato. But this guy started by telling himself that he didn't like the likes of me. Was it my improper exhaustion? Was it that I was an inch shorter than him? Was it that I was laden with packs, unlike any kind of couch potato? Doesn't matter. These biases - judgments - happen without people even knowing it. Right? We've all heard about racism?! (Don't get me started).

Instead of seeing his negative, self-serving bias, he became insistent that I would only get 25 cents per DVD. It took me forever to rouse myself from my CFS and cogently, overtly EXPLAIN to him that he was wrong, and he goes, "Oh,oh, oh, oh, Yeah, right, OK, yeah..." This is like exemplary of the entire soul-sucking pollution which has been consuming this country and, certainly, this town. Or, actually, this region in general. It is an example of how people lock right into denial and proceed to blame others for what is negative deep inside their layers of flaccid fat. And, it is an example of how those with jobs, those in charge of libraries, those with big houses, great wealth - or just the idiots who are bigger than you, passing you on the sidewalk, fixing the plumbing of your ('their') rental property, etc., will GO OUT OF THE WAY TO MAKE YOU THE VICTIM OF THEIR OWN SELFISH, HABITUAL DENIAL AND BLAME.

And, in these times, females will take advantage of any opportunity when and where they can, just as do males. So, even though a female may work-a-day catering to the great white male financial machine, allowing any number of abuses, once she has the opportunity, in a convenient environment, she may proceed to hang the next white male she can get her hooks into. Or, she may march along #metoo. It's the same with blacks against whites. Males against females. Whites against blacks. It is becoming a nation of covert savagery. And nobody is owning up to their own, society-sabotaging behaviour. So - remind me to do my post/s on, "Over-talking," and, "Laughing-gas-lighting," later...

Conclusion: When you have a society like this, library signs don't just NOT make sense, they make NONSENSE. They, like so many other things, including big tech data, become seized upon by idiots and used to flower personal feelings of grandiosity, and simultaneously to push the growing population of disadvantaged AWAY from the privileged - in a great, unwitting return to primitive, banana-republic sociologics and politics. That is an absolute opposite to what libraries and librarians have traditionally upheld: ethics of consideration, contemplation, free thought, invention, creativity, liberty, social progress, cooperation, and so on. HURRAY for the librarian in this Ted Talk.

I hope you realise that I am using libraries and librarians as just one aspect of a wider social devolution. More later.

PS - Until I pay this invalid - mmm, illegal - fine, I am prohibited from using the computers at the library. So, if I had no home internet service, if I were homeless or jobless, if I were black or poor, not just a convenience, but a huge utility for my future would be taken from me - no chance to look for jobs, pantries, etc. Let's see: Libraries all over the country have received taxpayer, etc., grants to install all these computers, in the interest of democratising the internet, while also disposing of billions of books. NOW, the likes of myself are being banned from using them, based on fines for actual , old-fashioned library items - fines which have been levied by some librarians personal acrimonious.

BUT THAT IS THE LAW! You must pay for the BS, because JUSTICE IS BLIND. BLIND TO THE BS. In fact, justice is being commandeered by the universal BS, while in total, imperious denial and moral rectitude. BECAUSE; Our system is founded on these great principles as are preserved in the libraries of our freedom. What could go wrong, silly?!
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