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Part of Migrant Caravan Reaches Tijuana

Part of Migrant Caravan Reaches Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico — Exhausted migrants in a caravan of Central American asylum-seekers napped on mattresses in a converted municipal gymnasium, while men played soccer and exchanged banter on a crowded, adjoining courtyard. A woman dabbed her crying, naked toddler with a moist cloth.

Nearly 2,000 caravan migrants had reached the U.S. border in Mexico’s northwestern corner by Thursday, with more coming in a steady trickle of buses. The city of Tijuana, with its privately run shelters operating well above their capacity of 700, opened the gymnasium and gated sport complex for up to 1,000 migrants, with a potential to expand to 3,000.

With U.S. border inspectors processing only about 100 asylum claims a day at the main border crossing with San Diego, prospects grew that migrants would be stuck waiting in Tijuana for months.

Francisco Rueda, the top deputy to Baja California state Gov. Francisco Vega de la Madrid, said about 1,750 migrants from the caravan had reached Tijuana so far.

“This is not a crisis,” he told reporters, though he agreed that “this is an extraordinary situation.”

Rueda said the state has 7,000 jobs available for its “Central American migrant brothers” who obtain legal residence status in Mexico.

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NOTE: Funny how they were hundreds of miles away, and now they have come all the way to Tijuana - for jobs in, um, Mexico?  Funny how the orginal lie from Alex Jones of up to 10,000 turns out to be the actual truth. So, add thousands of these these hungry, idle people to the homeless now displaced by wildfires - all being refugees of climate change in one way or another - and where will California put them? In San Francisco, maybe, with its crowd of legacy homeless, under the smoke of the still smouldering fires? See, this is what happens when idealists like Big Tech imagine and promise a wonderful future, and demand humanity for the poor, and yet, when it comes to the reality of blowback, they retreat into their shells, bunkers and creature-comfort gossip chambers.

Migrants, refugees, immigration - these are going to be massive problems for the cooler countries in the north, because of climate change and the wars and famines and politics that emerge out of it. It has to be dealt with realistically and by freaking grown ups. I don't see any grown ups, left or right.
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