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'One day Amazon will fail'

Jeff Bezos tells employees 'one day Amazon will fail'

Tech giant’s founder made surprise warning in staff meeting when addressing question about Sears, according to a recording

Amazon is going to fail, Jeff Bezos, the tech company’s founder, told staff recently.

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NOTE: I wonder if what he really means is, 'one day America will fail.'

Not only has Amazon been displacing (and centralising) business, commerce and jobs, subjecting more and more commerce to its own demands, Amazon is a major government contractor. It, long ago, teamed up with intelligence agencies to spy on you, and hand over commercial violations of privacy to Big Brother. Every time you want to surf somewhere, amazonaws or cloudfront is there to lift your information, making it almost impossible to surf the web w/o going through them. This is even more true when a tag has been affixed to you as some kind of, 'person of interest.'

Amazon is an extension of the military-industrial complex. It has, and will, receive military and intelligence contracts in the tens or hundreds of millions. Our laziness, tacit submission, lack of self-respect, and TAXES are allowing this mega-corporation to monopolise much of the internet and the economy, and the world, to the ultimate benefit of TOP-DOWN CONTROL - first from Amazon, then from the government, then from the globalised companies and elites superceding the government - and we the people - many of which operate from China.

This is why I consider that Amazon was never really serious when it did it's all-so-advertised public search for a new headquarters. It is very possible that this was a smoke screen, because it's mind was already made up: To station itself in NYC and WDC - with its prime objective being to influence and gain political and economic POWER.

It is a power-hungry MONSTER. It is a cancerous privacy parasite, just like FB, Google and the other big tech companies. When money loses less and less relevance, mere control will prevail, and the corporation may be assumed into the government itself, ostensibly to nationalise, de-monopolise and make into an, 'information utility.' But, as in China, Amazon, and others, may be moving to being part of the globalising government itself, managing populations via information, social credit, and personal threats. In other words, it may play a part in the actual downfall of what we have been calling America, the free.

It seems easy to surrender your effort over to fast fulfillment, fast delivery, free shipping, and so forth. But, as companies, such as Amazon - intimately connected to intelligence agencies - corner you at every private move, predict where you will shop next, knows what you will think next: THEN - WHEREFORE WILL ITSELF?!

In time, under this massive, amoral trend, we will lose our freedoms entirely. Free will shall no longer be relevant in the market place. Instead, AI robots will make decisions for us, ease us out, and extend top-down control everywhere possible - even as this conspiracy flies failing in the face of globale climate and species collapses. This is the ultimate evil. We have seen politicians, and lawyers, and relatives, all swimming towards the same lure of money, and then, CONTROL, such that they become amoral blood-sucking, back-stabbing bastards. Because this is a natural process in nature, of exploitation of energy, of determination of HWAT shall be THE future, of the attempt to control every emerging, regressing drag upon the decuded ORDER. It has failed all times in the past - and if it should even succeed for a while, this time, IT SHALL FAIL FOR HUMANS. Except a few trans-human technocrats at the top. Do you think you, or your children, have a chance against this?

"Feed me, Seymour!"
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