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'How to beat social anxiety'

A psychologist explains how to beat social anxiety

Social anxiety is a perception that there is something embarrassing and deficient about us, and, unless we work hard to conceal or hide it, it will be revealed and we will be judged or rejected for it.

We can all relate to the experience of looking in the mirror and zooming in on a perceived flaw like a zit. There is a sense of wanting to hide that perceived flaw and that leads you to, say, throw on some tinted moisturizer. That feeling — that urge to hide — is the exact same feeling that one gets with social anxiety, except with social anxiety it’s about our internal self, about our personality or our social skills or simply who we are as a person.

The one thing I always like to add is that social anxiety is a package deal, and it often comes bundled with strengths like high standards and empathy and being helpful and altruistic. People who have social anxiety are often good listeners and conscientious and they work hard to get along with fellow humans. And those are all really amazing strengths that won’t go away even as people work on their social anxiety.

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NOTE: I, myself, can no longer, "Go forth and do."  This has nothing to do w/ anxiety or introversion, but, even now, people assume it does - and so they offer all kinds of worthlessly helpful advice, missing the fact that this is an actual physical illness.  Of course, there are the majority of strangers who assume I am a malingerer, or a welfare queen, etc.  Even if they tell themselves that I am sick - or that I am well - they paradoxically, subconsiously hate me for being well - or being sick.  People are nuts.  And that's not social anxiety talking, lol.

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