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Found it in a box of Cracker Jacks

Posted on 2018.11.12 at 20:48
It's always interesting when I come back to my jnl and it shows a sudden large spike in readership, out of nowhere.  That happened today.  It involves both LJ peeps and non-LJ peeps, but not a rise in RSS readers.  So, I think one of my posts got plastered in a search engine or somewhere.  Like the post where I cursed 'the rich bastards' - people seem to click on swear words, not on substance.  Or, who knows.  Although, the stats also showed that each visitor viewed an average of 5 posts, so I dunno what is going on.  Refreshing though, esp. whilst I didn't feel like posting much today.  Oh, if only hits were dollars.  They kinda are in China.

So - I just now finished watching an excellent movie.  Guess what it was.  It was a combination of these:

Edward Scissorhands
The Notebook
Flowers for Algernon / Charlie
The Age of Adeline
A Portrait of Dorien Gray
Forrest Gump

Based on a 1922 book.  Includes Elle Fanning.  Reminds me of me, in that Wall-E way.

My bad tooth is on me, as they say in Olde Eire.  The gums are swelling and red.  I should have to do something about this.

However, I have been thinking of going on a fast, which I haven't done for a few years.  That would help my CFS, since no food means no bad gut bacteria.  Ketones, not carbs, are good for me.  And maybe that would also solve the tooth problem, but probably not.  Probably, my face is going to swell up again and I will walk to the emergency room in a CFS-drunken haze, scaring children who walk by.  I am not an animal!

But this tooth prob is making my heart lose control.  It is jumping and doing somersaults madly.  And, you know:

The heart never sleeps.

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