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Blueprint for a Rude America

"New America," (a foundation), is funded by George Soros, the Gates Foundation, and the U.S. State Department - what?!  From Wiki, on New America -

Affiliation with Google

New America has been criticised for its close links with Google, a leading sponsor. According to media reports, to please Google, New America in 2017 closed a whole research group—the Open Markets group— and terminated its employee Barry Lynn,[12] who had criticised Google as a monopoly and called for it to be broken up.[13] Reportedly, Google made New America take this action because the researchers, including prominent young competition law scholar Lina Khan,[14] had lauded the EU's antitrust ruling against Google.[15] New America's president Anne-Marie Slaughter denied the allegations of improper influence by Google.[13]

Google, btw, with its endless drive to own every piece of information on Earth and in your body parts, is, itself, closely linked to the C.I.A.  They are virtually the same thing.  The Arab Spring got its momentum from CIA plants in Google, FB and Twitter, along with social contageon.  Only one of these revolutions led to a progressive government.  All the rest led to despotic regimes or continuous destabilisation and war - a known stragedy ot the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department.  The Egyptian people managed to throw out the implanted Muslem Brotherhood in favour of its military, just to keep U.S.A. destabilisation at bay.  The U.S.A. is also responsible for wars or destabilisations in (or by) Yemen, Iraq, IRAN, Al Qaeda, Blackwater, Ukraine, ISIS, and dozens upon dozens of military-intelligence exploits in African countries.  Not to mention that the U.S.A. was the leading cause of global warming and the 6th Great Extintion.  I don't know if you realise this but you are living in an evil country.  That's where your taxes go.  The people you think are nice are generally assholes.  Even the people in your family.  Maybe even you.

Other projects funded by George Soros:

Open Society Foundations[1]
New America[2]
Black Lives Matter[3]
Best for Britain[4][5]
European Movement UK[6]
Scientists for EU[6][7]
Media Matters for America[8]
Center for Public Integrity[9]
Human Rights Watch[10]
Priorities USA Action[11]
American Bridge 21st Century[11]
America Votes[11][12]
Millennium Promise[13]

George Soros and son fund NPR's MEDIA MATTERS. Not listed here are:

Move On
Think Progress
Occupy Wallstreet
Hillary Clinton
War in Ukraine - against Russia
War in Syria - against Russia
Riots in Saint Louis
Probably the caravan from Central America

You know I am a supporter of progressive causes, but I am seeing the left wing going out of control, largely due to guaranteed funding by this billionaire. George Soros is an atheist who wants to see the downfall of Israel. (I think Israel is using NAZI tactics against the Palestinians). However, the corporate media calls his critics, like Alex Jones, ANTI-SEMITIC for even bringing up his name. That is crazy, and it is propaganda, which the left is eating up.

I was a big, early supporter of Occupy Wall Street, as you know from my dogged, intrepid community, o_c_c_u_p_y. There is real and obvious widening separation of wealth between the elite and the masses. So, it is not without much study and consideration that I bring myself to criticise George Soros and son.

No one person is perfect. No one person's opinions are all correct. That is why it is dangerous to have billionaires not only supporting political groups, but also wars and riots. George Soros claims to be a victim of NAZI fasicm, ergo ANTIFA, but the fact is that he was a NAZI collaborator, against Jews - and he has also been behind wars and propaganda against formerly Socialist Russia. In fighting statism, he doesn't seem to mind if the STATISM labels itself left-wing. As he gets older, his felonious ideas just get more and more warped, and his giving get more and more extreme - as if to somehow forstall his death. OK, liberals: You are taking money from a fucking crazy man - much more dangerous than Donald Trump. Trump will be gone in 6 years. This guy has a MINI-ME.

It is disingenuous to call Alex Jones anti-semitic for attacking Soros, period. It is also disingenuous to say that the Jones video of Acosta was doctored - it was NOT DOCTORED. But all the information claiming these things is coming from where? MEDIA MATTERS... THINK PROGRESS... MOVE ON.... Hillary Clinton... Who is funding these? OK? Don't believe propaganda!!!!!!!!!

I'll get into the bullshit called ANTIFA later.

The OCCUPY movement was killed by the issue of a Florida mister Zimmerman shooting a black man, the only picture given being that of him as a lovely young child. Very soon, the Soros-funded BLM rose up, to knock OCCUPY out of the news, and breed dissent into the movement. OCCUPY was being told it was wrong: It was not economic inequality that was the core problem, it was RACISM. That was a mistake, because it isn't true. It was a deliberate mistake, in order to sew dissent and discord amongst the American people, in order to divide and ALLOW GLOBALISM TO CONQUER.

What is wrong with globalism?  What do you think is wrong with globalism?

What is wrong with ANTIFA?  What do you think is wrong with ANTIFA?
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