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'Don't be fooled. The midterms were not a bad night for Trump'

Don't be fooled. The midterms were not a bad night for Trump | Cas Mudde

Republicans lost many races, but they still held on to most of their positions. And Trump will see that as a victory.

Many people have dubbed the midterm elections a referendum on Donald Trump. The president himself agreed, having toured the country extensively, crowding out rational messages by Republican candidates about the booming economy with a emotional message of nativism. Trump made the elections about him and his openly far-right agenda. That left little space for non-Trumpian, let alone anti-Trumpian, Republicans.

While the Democratic party emphasized economic issues, and particularly healthcare, they were happy to make the midterms a referendum on Trump and his nativism. They emphasized their support for a diverse America both through their candidates and discourse. The implicit slogan was: Trump does not define America.

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