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Well, I think everyone should know about tickle personals on the web - they have all sorts of great quizes. I think its tickle. I'll check it out and link it.

Recent horoscopes: "You are such a party animal." "Your liveliness and freedom will only make people want you more." Can't remember.... So... lethargic and.... enslaved...

Best license plates in Rockford:


"O 2 B 50"

Go ahead. Name your own!

Well, I was charged with normal-person-like energy this morning and I zipped off for a coffee/NYT, and decided to go to the ERC to get a hell-of-a-lot accomplished and OUT OF THE WAY.

"OUT OF THE WAY!" I giggled as I sped down the street, making all sorts of creative twists and turns, with old churchy grannies chasing after me to read what the hell I've got on the back of my car... And twice - twice mind you - I see police cars going about their business, and they both turn on their lights - guess to say, "I'd ticket you if I weren't on another call!" Thank god, because I think all I need is one more ticket - or conviction???? - and I lose my cute little license. Then how will I buy cigarettes???!!!! Not that I smoke - its just a phase... I think old Ofcr. Brandon Parker liked my little incident so much, all the police know about it - about that PANDA GUY! "We're WATCHING you, Panda Guy!" - "And yet, we hope you slip away!" I think there are three levels - possibly four levels - of people in my life: 1 - people who meet me and are entirely entranced, 2 - people who then succumb to all the gossip and scorn, 3 - people who secretly want me to succeed despite the fact that they support all the gossip and scorn, 4 - people who get to know me and whom I end up utterly detesting. This isn't a scientific study, mind you. I SAID MIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, everyone should know that there is an actual "PandaGuy" on LJ, and he isn't me. He lives in DC and has MILLIONS of LJ friends. I could be jealous - but I like knowing that I'm on to a good thing! Who could wish ill upon PandaGuy (from Rockford)?

So, I get to the ERC and sit down with some physically disabled girl with tiny arms and all that. And we chat it up. And I look up at Carla, who recently declined to sit and talk because she's succumbed to the TALK, and she seems interested, in a coughing gagging kind of way. Was she thinking, "There he goes now trying to make it with a haddicapped girl! God is he SICK!!!!!!!!!"

Where is my loving society?

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