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The swanky Rio restaurant for homeless people

Posted on 2018.11.05 at 11:49
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More than a meal: the swanky Rio restaurant for homeless people

Dignity is on the menu at a Brazilian eatery where tasty dishes are conjured from food that would otherwise have gone to waste

In a chic, minimalist restaurant with an Italian name and an innovative menu, near the centre of Rio de Janeiro, Valdicir dos Santos, tucks into his dinner. It consists of banana skin and vegetables served with tangerine sauce, beans, rice and farinha – the flour, ground from dried bread instead of the usual manioc, that Brazilians sprinkle on everything.

The food at Refettorio Gastromotiva is excellent – and Dos Santos is one of 90 people here eating for free.

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NOTE: Last night, I dreamt I cooked up something really delicious and wanted to go to where the homeless people were so they could have it. I must have picked up the vibes in the atmosphere from the writer of this article.

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