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Your Hollyrock Minute

'I've been used!' Kanye West quits politics, CNN goes into withdrawal

After weeks of infamy as the most famous Black face of the conservative movement, Kanye West wants off the Trump train, claiming he’s been “used” and blaming fellow controversy-courter Candace Owens for ideologically seducing him.

Megyn Kelly was meant to bridge the partisan divide. She failed | Barrett Holmes Pitner

Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan on their new creations - an acclaimed film and a baby daughter

Harvey Weinstein: could #MeToo's highest profile case be crumbling?

Are Dinosaurs Still Roaming Among Us? Scientists Say They Do

Hillary Clinton says she'd still like to be president

UFO Appears Over Buenos Aires During Morning Weather Forecast (Video)

Nude video parodies spread after actor’s ‘naked woman’ mishap goes viral (VIDEOS)

What if Television News Disappeared and We Invented Ourselves?

Trump blames media, the true Enemy of the People, for inspiring hate

Pence Says Trump's Rhetoric Has Nothing To Do With American Violence

Who is Gab founder Andrew Torba?

Why is Taylor Swift hiding in Australia?
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