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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Right Wing LOVES You! - Part 2

Megyn Kelly was fired after making a comment about black-face / white-face on Halloween.  A Michigan City is banning clown costumed on Halloween, cuz they are scary.  I think normal people think this is nuts - but nobody has a greater feast on this PC stuff than the HATER right-wing.  That is not the same thing as Nationalism, btw).

While liberals are all fuming over the right, calling them pricks and racists, etc., maybe you'd like to see what some HATER right wingers are saying about YOU...


Halloween is coming and you know what that means. Yes, it’s time for leftists to start whining and moaning about it in their ceaseless attempt to squeeze every ounce of joy out of our harmless traditions until we are all miserable, after which they’ll ask us to vote for them so they can make things even worse. So happy Halloween.

Now with some holidays, it’s easy for leftists to know what to ruin. Christmas, for instance, marks the incarnation on earth of a God who loves and forgives us, and is celebrated with beautiful music, family gatherings and the exchange of gifts — so there’s just so much there for the left to crap all over.

But Halloween is different because it deals with the darker elements of the spirit world, many of whom are currently running for congress on the Democrat ticket.

How can the left attack vampires, when vampires suck the life out of everything and are therefore the natural mascots of socialism? How can they ban zombies when zombies are the living dead who devour people’s brains, which describes the entire on-air staff of CNN? And how can they insult witches, who are malevolent females who curse the innocent, and therefore represent about 50 percent of the Democrat base?

But after giving a lot of thought to what joyful aspect of Halloween they could destroy, leftists finally had a brainstorm and started attacking children’s costumes.

Leftists now want to dictate what costumes we can and can’t wear. An American can’t dress up as a terrorist, for instance, because that’s appropriating Islamic culture. Likewise, a white person can’t dress up as a red Indian unless she’s a Democrat Senator hoping to run for president. And a man can’t dress up as a woman unless he really means it.

Now this raises an important question. Who the hell cares what these chuckleheads think of our costumes? The next time some leftist tells you what you’re allowed to wear on Halloween, why not just respond with three simple words?

And no, I don’t mean “trick or treat.”

Now, really, crazy HATER left, and crazy HATER right, do you really think any of this is any good for our country - or for a planet that is dying and in urgent need of our HELP?

Why don't you all drop all this crap, grow the fuck up, and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE?!

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