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I am the person who will destroy China.

Hail Cesar! - Fake Bomb Suspect Worked for Democratic-Party-Funding Casinoes

Seminole Nation member sited as suspect.  The bombs were all fake.  It was a hoax.  It was terrorism.  And why else would it have happened now, less than two weeks before the mid-terms, if not to influence the elections - to benefit Dems? No actual right-winger would have been so stupid. Especially considering that the 'sender'/s knew ALL ABOUT PARTISAN POLITICS.

US mail bombs: Man held after campaign against Trump critics

Mail bomb suspect detained, in FBI custody – report

Who was the 200 bomb schemer caught recently - what was it, in NY? - he was a left-winger.  Who has been aggitating for violence in Portland, Charlotte, NYC, and many other cities - while the cops stand down?  Antifa.  Who's been tearing down Civil War memorials?  Rationalised by a fear of fascism, THE PARTISAN LEFT IS INSTIGATING MOST OF THE VIOLENCE.

Live: Trump Speaks on Suspect Arrested For Package Campaign

Suspect's van had Pro-Trump, anti-Left stickers - huh?  wut? -

I am getting contradictory information. Maybe it's because this guy has MULTIPLE NAMES. Multiple names - coming out of Florida - and his(?) van is completely PLASTERED with Pro-Trump stickers - what does this suggest? It suggests that this was concocted by rogue intelligence. FBI says more arrests will be made!

UPDATE: This BS came out of Broward County - yet again.

The very first thing NPR reported on this was that the suspect was a Registered Republican.  Not that partisanship matters.

The mainline media continues to blame Trump, Alex Jones, Republicans.

Oh - and who was it that defaced this laudible poem, which happens to be SO RELEVANT at the moment?...


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