'City of Surveillance' - Wisdom is the retention of innocence through adversity. — LiveJournal
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'City of Surveillance'

Posted on 2018.10.25 at 18:31
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Isn't that something Saint Augustine wrote? It sounds like something China would do. A city to lovingly cater to your every creeping inclination.      A city where privacy is theft.
And surveillance is normal...

'City of Surveillance': Google-backed smart city sounds like a dystopian nightmare

A Google-backed project to build the interconnected, data-driven ‘city of the future’ sounds like all George Orwell’s nightmares come true, and is now in the spotlight after a privacy expert resigned from the project in protest.

Moron Google: (It's stock dropped today, along with Amazon's, due to disappointing earnings. Oh, pooh)...

Former Google boss urges tech giants to end the delusion that it's making the world a better place

Google Design Lead David Hogue: 'Evil' Republicans Will 'Descend into Flames' of Hell

Google+ shutting down after data breach which was never revealed to users

Google Pixel 3 phones launch during privacy storm

Google drops $10bn battle for Pentagon data contract

Google exposed user data, chose not to tell public - WSJ

‘F*CK. YOU. ALL’: Google ‘design lead’ wishes for Republicans to burn in hell in Twitter outburst

Massive Google cover-up exposed: Hundreds of thousands of users compromised; Google tried to sweep it under the rug

Google's secret plan to censor the internet: Giant wants tech companies to police what users post, leaked report reveals

Google now plays 'Good Censor' for civility's sake, leaked internal briefing confirms — RT US News

Google engineers and scientists flee the company as EVIL takes over

Facebook, Google declare all pro-liberty speech to be "political spam" or "Russian bots" as pretext to censor conservatives

Google Is Aiding China’s War On Muslim Uighurs And Its Citizens

Google abandons Berlin base after two years of resistance

“Colonizing Experiment in Surveillance Capitalism”: Privacy Expert Resigns From Google-Backed Smart City Project Over Surveillance Concerns

All you wanted to know here: IN GOOGLE WE TRUST
And the tag is: GOOGLE.

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