I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

If you can't smell the dead fish, it might be you.

Alex Soros: Trump's 'Demonization of Opponents' to Blame for Attempted Bombings

Jim Carrey: Bomb Suspect 'Encouraged and Emboldened' By Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Reacts to Bomb Threat: Elect Candidates Who Will Bring Country Together

The bomms were meant not to explode. They didn't pass through the P.O. or its scanners. No cancelled postage. All were sent to opponents of Trump, thus, by the normal dyssociation, this makes him guilty. One package had a fake ISIS reference, and the phrase, "get her done did" - or something like that - (which seems like a veiled reference to the fabricated NYT editorial supposedly written by Trump cabinet members - I am talking about an internal joke here - a giveaway - over the heads of the general public). D.W.S. was pretended to be the sender of the packages, even while her name was (deliberately) misspelled - which is obvious to me that the originator is trying to make it look like he/she, an assumed right-winger, is OBVIOUSLY trying to blame things on a Dem - which is a ruse. This is all 100% bullshit.

Deep state rolls out staged “bomb” attack on CNN headquarters, just as Mike Adams and Alex Jones publicly predicted on multiple video broadcasts

Watch Live: Infowars Right Again! Suspicious Packages Targeting Democrats Arrive Right Before Midterm Elections

The FBI has been involved in, or associated with, many suspicious or false-flag events in the past. Many cases of entrapment have been documented. The FBI was found guilty of soliciting homeless people to plant bomms, etc.

George Soros has funded countless activist and militant groups and events meant to destabilise American nationalism and promote corporate globalism. That includes pro-violence Antifa.  He and the DNC Dems are alligned with the military-intelligence deep state establishment.

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