I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

13 Monkeys

My computer has been attacked since I logged on around 11:am yesterday morning. By now I know the pattern and the M.O. You see all this censorship and purging across the internet - well, it happens right here - not from LJ, but from agents interfering with LJ, via my server, 'who' is required to cooperate, just like all servers.

Once again, it comes right on the heals of my posting unconventional facts, ideas, logic, etc. My guess is that the post, "Stephen Hawking, Knock On Wood," was the trigger for these agents, or bots. Since I have experienced other clamp-downs after posting other unconventional ideas regarding SPACE, and related, I think this is very telling, probably, of what they are ordered to keep secret. And, I find it odd, because, I think to everyone, SPACE really feels just WAY OUT THERE and personally irrelevant. But, this is a possible indication that something major is really going on.

I also did post abou the government wanting to create genetic engineered insects and robot bees, which some fear may be used as offensive weapons - so maybe that - alone or in addition - was the trigger. As you can see, I have continued to post, despite the serious handicap that has been put on my internet and LJ. Having had a severe chronic illness for many years, I know all about pushing through serious handicaps, with or without social approval. I look at these censors, in this context, and I am disgusted.

On with the show: I watched 12 Monkeys the other night - finally seeing the whole thing. I somehow thought of it as being called, "13 Monkeys." I guess that makes me a monkey's uncle, and therefore, the total comes to 13. I will post about this movie in a separate post.

Here was my insane plan for today: Post more. While out w/ dog, cut all the hedges, (which hedge trimmers). Then walk downtown to the Farmers' Market, laden with bags-o-laundry. Then walk to the laundromat and do said laundry. Then walk to the theatre and see a movie. Then walk home and boil beets. No more wine after a movie these days. These days).

Turns out my health told me not to do ANY of that, yars. There is a movie, "The Hate You Give," which I might see next Tuesday instead. Do laundry then - but maybe do some bleachy laundry at home too. Friday will be supermarket, pizza girl, and GF beer. My beer intake is now averaged at: 0.43 bottles per day.

My dog and I are getting along swimmingly these days, partly because there is less stress from downstairs - which is also why I don't have to drink. But, when he is liking on me, since he is an animal, he then wants to do everything together, not realising that I have to use the phone, or do other intelligent things. So, the nicer I am with him, the more I have to discipline him - push him back. He isn't as bad as he was when he was younger, though.

I had a sibling like this, who reented me for, 'being bad to him, since the nicer I got, the more he was under my feet, tripping me and my amazing colossal brain up. Which is, I guess, and autistic thing. Since he was an animal, he did petty sibling competition things in revenge, and grew up to be, what? Guess. That's right. A Republican. I guess the main thing I taught him was that the pie was FINITE, even whilst I was always seeking to discover new things.

Everyone's different. But these trolls. These drones. These bots and pencil-pushing bubble-babies... They are genetic jargon and should be removed by Monsanto.

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