I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Set My Beasties Free!

NASHVILLE, TN—Hastily shooing away the varmints with corn whisk brooms, members of the Tennessee State Election Commission reportedly drove a pack of wild animals out of local voting booths Tuesday in preparation for the upcoming midterm election. “Y’all critters ain’t welcome in this here polling place—go on, get!”… - [ONION]

TED Talks: "Hacking Reality"

Part One: ANIMAL RIGHTS - Steven Wise: If Chimpanzees Can Feel And Think, Should They Also Have Legal Rights?

Vivek Maru: How Can We Make Legal Support Accessible To All?
Brett Hennig: Should We Replace Politicians With Random Citizens?
Robin Steinberg: How Can We End The Injustice Of Bail?

NOTE: Since I have been completely exhausted by spending two hours just getting this posted, I will give my discussion on this/related later.  Ultimately, I will have all deferred commentaries carved into my headstone.  It's there.  Ughh.  To move you around.
Tags: all * law and rights, animal rights, voting - not voting / non-voters

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