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Modifiable dementia risk factor in older adults identified

Posted on 2018.10.16 at 19:13
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Modifiable dementia risk factor in older adults identified

Stiffness of the aorta -- more so than blood pressure or subclinical brain disease -- is a key risk factor for dementia. Since aortic stiffness can be reduced by medication and healthy lifestyle changes, these results suggest that people can still lower their dementia risk well into old age.


small_handfuls at 2018-10-17 00:47 (UTC) (Lien)

It's why when we ordered data form a longitudinal study I requested aorta thickness measurements along with cognitive tests and other stuff. We don't plan to look at it for my project. But I kind of want to see it anyway?
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madman101 at 2018-10-17 01:22 (UTC) (Lien)

Seriously. Are you telling me that you, individually, requested aortic thickness??! That is so fucking amazing. Who ARE you?

Listen - from my experience and dilapidated thought - I have come to the conclusion that ALL DEMENTIA IS VASCULAR. To one degree or another.

That is really fucking impressive.

I think it can be a great avenue for further progressive research, yeah.
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