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Alzheimer's Disease and Glutathione (GSH)

A new study indicates the possibility to monitor the progression of Alzheimer's disease by monitoring glutathione (GSH)

In a breakthrough human study, anti-oxidant, glutathione (GSH), which protects the brain from stress, has been found to be significantly depleted in Alzheimer's patients compared to normal subjects. As GSH is a very important anti-oxidant that protects the brain from free radicals, the findings give us another measure to use when diagnosing potential for the advancement of Alzheimer's disease or recognizing those that are in the throes of Alzheimer's advancement.

-  Note: Glutathione is one of the body's major antioxidants, and is found to be deficient in pateints with cardiac problems.  It is also marketted as an important health supplement.

Tags: health - alzheimers - brain, health - heart, health - supplements - glutathione
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