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Not in any real order, here are a few more oddities to contemplate...  (Note - a couple won't work - so then just SEARCH(google) the title and that should work).

Texas father stabs toddler to death while screaming ‘Jesus is coming’

The culture of respect for religion has gone too far | Polly Toynbee

Religion: why faith is becoming more and more popular

Global warming deniers partly responsible for Aretha Franklin’s cancer, says Stevie Wonder

7 Surprisingly Ancient Artifacts That Suggest There's a Missing Link In Our History

St. Louis teen posts ‘made it to see 17,’ gets shot & killed on birthday

5.7 Million-Year-Old Footprints Challenge the History of Human Evolution | Ancient Code

Naked mole rats may become good parents by eating their queen’s faeces

New Zealand penguins make mammoth migrations, traveling thousands of kilometers to feed

Goats prefer to interact with humans who look happy

Purina Introduces ‘Own Shit’ Dog Food Flavor

70,000 Burning Man Attendees Die Of Dehydration After Thinking Someone Else Was Bringing The Water

Massive NASA space blanket will be created for Burning Man | Daily Mail Online

Experiments at Burning Man Test the Science of Collective Conscience

Swarm of 20,000 bees attack New York City hotdog stand

Why art thrives at Burning Man | Nora Atkinson

Ten Years at Burning Man, In Photographs

Health benefits of cannibalism & treating kidney stones with roller coasters - Ig Nobel Prize 2018

Maine restaurant sedates lobsters with marijuana

Trump urged Spain to 'build a wall' across Sahara, says minister

Daredevil raccoon climbs high-rise, drops from about 8 stories (VIDEO)


US postal worker admits to stealing 6,000+ gift cards with money to feed 4 children

Man who spent 15 years in a vegetative state sheds tears | Daily Mail Online

Lions eat 'rhino poachers' on South African game reserve

'Like nicotine': Bees develop preference for pesticides, study shows

Touching footage shows two bears cuddling their carer in Otisville

Light pollution makes fish more courageous


Nikki Haley: ‘The U.S. Will No Longer Sit Idly By While Iran Continues To Exist’

Flaming Hot Cheetos & 4 Other Foods That Can Cause Extreme Reactions

Migrant Arrested After Slaughtering, Eating a Cat

No joke: horse gallops into a bar – video

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