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Unearthly Update!

Observations challenge cosmological theories
Since the big bang, fewer galaxy clusters have formed over time than was actually expected. Physicists from the have now confirmed this phenomenon. For the next years the researchers will analyze their data in even greater detail. This will put them in a position to confirm whether the theories considered valid today need to be reworked.

Newly detected microquasar gamma-rays 'call for new ideas'
The first-ever detection of highly energetic radiation from a microquasar has astrophysicists scrambling for new theories to explain the extreme particle acceleration. A microquasar is a black hole that gobbles up debris from a nearby companion star and blasts out powerful jets of material.

There Is a Rogue Group of Stars Behaving Very Suspiciously in the Milky Way's Disk
According to the researchers, one possible explanation is that a smaller, satellite galaxy swooped past the Milky Way sometime during that period, and the visitor's considerable gravity accidentally tugged the affected stars out of step. [Stunning Photos of Our Milky Way Galaxy]

Cassini's Death Dive into Saturn Reveals Weird Ring 'Rain' & Other Surprises
To Earthling eyes, the gap between Saturn and its rings looks calm, but scientists destroy that illusion in new research, laying out a set of unexpectedly complicated phenomena dancing through that emptiness.

Unknown Beams Detected Shooting Up from Depths of Antarctica’s South Pole –“May Shatter the Standard Model of Physics”
Since March 2016, researchers have been puzzling over two events in Antarctica where cosmic rays did burst out from the Earth, and were detected by NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA)—a balloon-borne antenna hovering over the southern continent, leading physicists to proposed several theories for these “upward going” cosmic rays, from sterile neutrinos (neutrinos that rarely ever bang into matter) to “atypical dark matter distributions inside the Earth.”

New Dwarf Planet Found in the Outskirts of the Solar System, Giving Astronomers More Ammunition to Search for Evidence of Planet 9
Astronomers have found a new dwarf planet way out beyond Pluto that never gets closer than 65 AUs to the Sun. It’s nicknamed “The Goblin” which is much more interesting than its science name, 2015 TG387. The Goblin’s orbit is consistent with the much-talked-about but yet-to-be-proven Planet 9.

Unusual Infrared Light from Spinning Neutron Star —  “Never Before Seen” Features?
“This particular neutron star belongs to a group of seven nearby X-ray pulsars nicknamed ‘the Magnificent Seven’ that are hotter than they ought to be considering their ages and available energy reservoir provided by the loss of rotation energy.”

03-30-2017 – Repeating Fast Radio Bursts 2.5 Billion Light-Years from Earth — Alien Intelligence?
01-05-2017 – “Fast Radio Bursts” of Intense Radiation from Galaxy Far, Far Away
06-26-2015 – Artificial Intelligence, Androids and Robots: Do They Threaten Human Civilization?
07-26-2013 – Unidentified Cosmic Radio Bursts Baffle Astronomers
02-26-2012 – Part 10:  U. S. Government Knowledge of “Interplanetary” Craft, 1942 – 2011
04-29-2011 – Cosmic Explosion So Strange Scientists Say It’s “Unprecedented”
04-30-2010 – M82 Galaxy’s Mysterious Radio Waves
03-07-2010 – Why Are We in A Matter Universe and Not Anti-Matter?
01-14-2010 – Death Stars:  Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts
09-09-2008 – Updated Part 1: Getting Close to the “Big Bang” Inside Large Hadron Collider?
01-16-2008 – Mystery Radio Burst from Outer Space

Update On Sunspot Solar Observatory — Silent FBI, Odd Child Porn Charges and Angry Sheriff.

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