I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Facebook: Miracle of The Devil


Note: Mainly good, although Alex Jones is once again misrepresented re: Sandy Hook, based on "his victims" assertions.

I will be posting more about Facebook and the whole Big Tech assault. Have been thwarted from doing this and more by problems w/ computer and health, as usual. Once again, I have purged my computer in order to start fresh. Yay. Fresh air.

PS - I am spending more available time on cleaning around here, which is major. Not only in prep for LL, but because, somehow, I feel I have got to get out of this town - and state - so I am trying to organise for eventually moving as well. In a half an hour, I am going to walk to try out a downtown laundromat which I have never used before. Tomorrow I am doing the rounds of stores - much walking - to be followed by illness of course. I am so fed up w/ bus company, I am trying to do more walking, use cabs, and maybe get my bike tires fixed - and who knows maybe a car.

Presently, I am boiling relish I made in the past, to ward off any germs. I can smell it now. It is a mix of two batches. Turkey dogs tonight.
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