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UMexCa: The Winners and Losers

Yes, I am calling it, "UMexCa."  Let's see if it catches on.

Suddenly, everybody is discussing who should win and who should lose, now that Trumps revamping of NAFTA has astonishingly materialised.  It kinda makes you wonder why no one was even thinking about these things prior to the closing of the deal, other than to blame Trump for being clearly destructive and irresponsible.

Larry Summers knows a few things, but he has been a MAJOR part of the problem in all our economic dysfunction in the last decade+ - and I do not trust anything he says.  But in his interview, (below), he did say one thing I have already known in my heart of hearts: The "new NAFTA" is not too big of a deal, and is not a huge revolutionary change over the last treaty.  Mainly, I believe, Trump was going for a few sticking points, and for the public appearance of a radical change, so that he could satisfy his base, and so his appropriately fabricated conscience.

There are limits to what Trump can do, and did.  These are imposed by economic realities; by global elites and neoliberals; by the GOP; and by limitations in human psychologies, mainly, the psychology of Trump.  That is not to say that Trump cannot also kick ass compared to the rhetoric and promises of earlier politicians.  No one expected Trump to succeed with this trilateral agreement, given his unusual and frightening negotiating methods.

I think I may post more about the larger concept of trade later.  In a Part Two.  For now, just know that the horrors of this treaty are not as bad as imagined by some - nor are the successes.  There is some agreement on who shall be the winners, or the losers.  But there is also some disagreement.  One view presented below says that auto-producers will suffer, while another says they will benefit.  A bg reason why we have such polarity and disagreement between TWO DIVIDED POLITICAL PARTIES, is that, basically, on the whole, America doesn't really know what it is talking about.  More later.

NPR Illinois: The winners and losers of NAFTA 2.0

Breitbart: Steelworkers Union: UYSMCA Labor Protections Much Stronger than NAFTA or TPP

Alternet: Here's Who Wins and Who Loses from Changes to NAFTA

BBC: USMCA trade deal: Who gets what from 'new Nafta'?

Seattle Times: Winners and losers of the ‘USMCA’ trade deal

Alternet: Warnings Mount That Trump's NAFTA 2.0 Just Another 'Corporate Giveaway'

NPR Boston: USMCA Deal A 'Publicity Stunt' That Created 'Ill Will' With Allies, Says Larry Summers

NPR's Market Place is discussing the topic today; and the Organic Consumers Association will be sure to have something good on this soon.
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