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Saving Baby Brain from the Social Dementia

Well, Rule #1 would be: Don't feed baby sugar.

Illinois Public Radio is lucky to have a great radio person who hosts the daily info-talk programme, named Niala Boodhoo, (Indian, from Florida). She hosts, "The 21st," (the noonish show named after Illinois being state #21, among other things). Niala is very direct, honest, friendly, real and intelligent. She was recently interviewed on some national NPR show, about the working class in Illinois, or something. This is one of the advantages of my listening to the local NPR station 24/7, at full volume, to shut up the crazy bald man downstairs, who cheers for football, and initially judged me to be a leftist wimp, since I sang along to Niko Case, and spoke baby-talk to my dog.

Today, Niala interviewed a nurse from official teen-movie territory, Evanston, Illinois, who sounds a lot like Drew Barrymore, who once made a teen movie. Strangely, the local oldies station often has a local nurse do a spot on health and doing plainly sensible things, and this nurse sounds EVEN MORE LIKE DREW BARRYMORE, which is very confusing to me and my sexual identity.

The Evanston nurse, on the radio show, was very, very nice and erudite. She spoke of all the things one can do to keep their children safe from all the negativity and worry, etc., that is out there in the crazy world. There is something to be said for sheltering children from stress, beyond the possibility of stunted growth, and that is that if you want a happy world to succeed you, then you'd better instill in your children that a happy world is possible, and that caring, cooperating and planning ahead are all the way to go.

My computer would not download that interview for me, via http://www.nprillinois.org/programs/21st, but maybe you can catch it. (?). Looking further, I did find this:

5 Simple Ways To Encourage Brain Development In Your Little One

Ron Ferguson, an economist at Harvard, has made a career out of studying the achievement gap — the well-documented learning gap that exists between kids of different races and socioeconomic statuses.

But even he was surprised to discover that gap visible with "stark differences" by just age 2, meaning "kids aren't halfway to kindergarten and they're already well behind their peers."

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And then there was this:

Like babies, adults also need regular sleep schedules.  Adults Need a Regular Sleep Schedule – Study

And it would be a better world if they knew how to listen.  A Technique for Better Listening.
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