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I am the person who will destroy China.

Amerika the Googlized...

Let the links do the talking. We'll all chat about Google later. In the aftermath...

Google Permanently Bans 200 "Fake News" Sites

Google Chrome browser gives “Critical Error” notice when you play Project Veritas videos EXPOSING crooked deep-state “Democratic” communists - NaturalNews.com

Leaked emails prove Google colluded to throw 2016 presidential election to Hillary Clinton… “election meddling” by tech giants now an irrefutable fact – NaturalNews.com

Leaked Google conference video shows co-founder Sergey Brin comparing Trump voters to 'fascists' as he vows to thwart rise of populism in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election

Deep state FBI agents plotted “media leak strategy” to overthrow Trump using complicit media outlets – NaturalNews.com

Google executives called Trump voters ‘extremists’ & vowed to fight populism (VIDEO) — RT US News

Back to Project Maven? Google hires head of major defense task force as chief of cloud AI — RT US News

Breitbart leaks video of Google's reaction to Trump victory in 2016 ...

Leaked Video Shows Google Executives' Candid Reaction To ...

Trump warns Google, Facebook and Twitter in row over bias - BBC News

Natural News calls for the arrest, prosecution of Google executives for racketeering and fraud – NaturalNews.com

Radical left-wing groups colluded with tech giants to censor conservatives and steal the mid-term elections – NaturalNews.com

No Censorship Here… Google Omits Trump Photo From ‘US Presidents’ Search

Bombshell video reveals Google is a "threat to the Republic" after proof of election meddling, anti-American corporate culture

'Poisonous connection' of big tech: Google staff confer over anti-Trump search tweak

Google is a CULT: Employees wear multi-colored propeller hats to proclaim obedience to their creepy techno-cult

Former Google bigwig launches AI "church" that positions technology as GOD

Google has become the most evil corporate entity in the world, crushing human rights to aid communist regimes in oppressing freedom

Google faces court after revelations it records your every movement | Daily Mail Online

Ever Google Yourself? Do a “Deep Search” Instead, but brace yourself for the results

Google’s New ‘Selfish Ledger’ Aims to Direct Human Evolution and Track Your Entire Life

STUNNED Android users discover that Google allows mobile phone apps to read all your Gmail

Google Admits it Still Allows Apps to Access Your Gmail Data

Google admits it lets hundreds of third party apps read your emails

Google Defends Gmail Data Sharing, Gives Few Details on Violations

Google Leak: Company Suppressed Damaging Memo About Plans To Tie China Search Results To Phones

Google CEO Sundar Pichai denies efforts to tweak search results: Axios

Google’s Communist Search Engine Revealed

Ex-staffer pressures Google over China project ahead of Senate hearing

Ex-Google Scientist Urges Senate to Question Company Over Chinese Censorship Project

Google Caught Lying to Senate About Chinese-Style Censorship Search Engine

Apple Will Judge Call, Email Activity To Assign Users a 'Trust Score'

How Humans Fit Into Google’s Machine Future

Google CEO Will Testify Before US House on Bias Accusations

Google CEO will testify before U.S. House panel in November

Google's march to the business of war must be ... - The Guardian

How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google ...

Google Plans Not to Renew Its Contract for Project Maven, a ...

Google, Facebook and Amazon are just extensions of the surveillance state; dangerous mafia heads of a fascist corporate regime – NaturalNews.com

Should The US Government Break Up Google, Twitter, and Facebook?

Breaking up Facebook & Google? RT’s Keiser Report looks at the best way to disband the monopolies

Bulk Data Collection By NSA and GCHQ Violated Human Rights Charter, European Court Rules

You see... Because it's wrong...

"At a time when the Earth was shattered and freyed from the hunger of his hubris, man built a great tower up into the heavens, thinking himself god, in order to look out over all the world, as a god would do, seeing it all to be his loving creation, though it be crumbling beneath him.  And there proceeded great shakings and crashings from the ground, with flashes of blazing light and paining trumpets, and all the animals did fall without an ark, and man fell the last, all together bringing down the dynasty of the tower, the Eye in the sky that, straying too far from man, animal and energy or spirit, man thought himself strong enough to weather the sun, but it was not to be.  And all creation fell, a molten ball of suffering, that once thought itself able to stand itself up, as if on stilts to avoid the coming floods, upon the dead and naked bones of information."

Look mommy!
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