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I had my first beer in 3-4 weeks yesterday - gluten-free, of course. I think I am right that it is better for my inner goings-on than is wine, which is laden with sugar. I was angry that I have been down for so long, health-wise - and that includes being knocked down by a little neighbourhood incident the other day which I have yet to mention at due diligence - that I just rebelled and drank my beer, and ate pizza, and chicken, and corn puffs, and so on. I did this while Google was simultaneously attacking me relentlessly, as it continues to do now. More about that later. Anyway, since beer has been in the news lately, especially including that archaeological finding in Israel. (several links below) - I am posting this wonderful list of full-bodied links for your own sampling. Sorry there are no pics. If you find any pics you like, I can include them later, OK? Bottoms up!

Beer - Wikipedia

A prehistoric thirst for craft beer

An early beer: Archaeologists tap ground at world′s oldest brewery ...

'World's oldest brewery' found in cave in Israel, say researchers

Traces of the World's First 'Microbrew' Found in a Cave in Israel

Traces of 13,000-Year-Old Beer Found in Israel | Smart News ...

Archaeologists Have Discovered The Remains Of 14,400-Year-Old Bread That Was Baked By Hunter-Gatherers

Archaeologists unearth charred remains of a 14,400 year-old flatbread in Jordan | Daily Mail Online

Ancient Brewing And Natufian Rituals - What Came First, Beer Or Bread? | Ancient Pages

Evidence Of 7,200-Year-Old Cheese Production Found On Dalmatian Coast

An ancient thirst for beer may have inspired agriculture, Stanford ...

How the Desire to Get Drunk Pushed Humanity Forward

An Ancient Sarcophagus Was Found in Egypt—And It's Never Been ...

Armenian wine - Wikipedia

You CAN indulge in beer, wine and chocolate and still live a long life!

Beer and biscuits: The secret of old age

Vienna ranked as most liveable city in the world

Paris baulks at 'horrible' eco-friendly public urinals

Germany Running Out Of Beer Bottles

Beer flows as Germany's Oktoberfest opens

‘Elf commissioner’ banishes trolls & bad spirits from German highway

Vagina beer goes on sale in Poland made from the 'essence of hot underwear models'

Gywneth Paltrow promotes a brand of BEER for breastfeeding mothers

Wetherspoons warns of pricier pints

The United States of Beer: The Best Summertime Brew From Every State

Vermont Beer Makers Bring Back Old-Time Maple Sap Brews : The Salt : NPR

Eating gluten could make you DEPRESSED: The wheat protein can affect your mental health, study finds | Daily Mail Online

Rick Astley: ‘There’s a beer inspired by me, Astley’s Northern Hop’

Doug Ford Promises ‘Buck-A-Beer’ Is Coming Soon To Ontario | The Daily Caller

Hurricane Florence Victims Needed A Drink So Anheuser-Busch Stepped Up To Quench Their Thirst | The Daily Caller

Sam Adams Founder Chugs Beer, Tells Trump What ‘Pissed’ Him Off — Room Roars With Laughter | The Daily Caller

Massachusetts Mayor Boycotts Sam Adams Beer … Because of Trump | The Daily Caller

Brewing Company Offers Apology After Wanting To Name Beer ‘White Guilt’ | The Daily Caller

Creating the Perfect Beer for the End of the World

How binge-drinking in college affects the brain: Expert lays bare a myriad of risks, from long term learning...
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