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I am the person who will destroy China.

Wither the majority?

Well, I may have been to parties filled with artisans, but that does not make me a partisan. I am not a democrat or republican, or anything or label, and I don't argue for either party, and I don't base my views on any party line, interest or echo chamber. I didn't support Bernie because he was Dem or Dem-Socialist. I listen to both side, to the extent of my abilities, which change according to my illness and my computer.

Right now, I don't feel like writing much, due to a small headache. But, I will let you know that I will be posting about Kavenaugh, etc., sometimes in his defense, sometimes not. Please do not mistake this for being partisanship.

For now, just remember this. The Republicans rule in name only. The Dems basically rule alongside them, but in the same name game. It's a sham. A con game. By both sides. Each is a puppet on either hand of the same Big Brother Elite Monster, pretending to fight each other, pretending to cooperate - almost always to the same purposes determined by said monster.

The Republicans are not the majority. The Democrats are not the majority. There is at least another third of registered voters who are INDEPENDENTS, and other parties. But what about the people who DON'T vote? What about those eligable people who aren't even registered? Now we are talking about the real majority in this country: The poor, the elderly, the children, teens and young adults, the marginalised, the rural, the non-corporate farmers - the ANIMALS, the PLANTS, the LAND - the PLANET.

There are about 330 million people in this country, and the country is usually run by one (voting) party composed of a few tens of millions of people - what's that, somewhere around 10%? Then, this party is forever dancing back and forth with the OTHER party in this single duopoly, so it is always at about 15%. Who are these people? Connected people but not to me. People with enough money to run. Scurillous lawyers and politicians. Fundamentalist, naive, controllaholic people who create stark straw men and are on a mission to save the world - ultimately for corporations.

So, all this news we keep getting? All these slanted views and opinions and expert opinions? It is basically a waste of perfectly good airtime. I would like to think that my single, brief existence could be populated by something better than this endless, decrepit scandal, perpetrated by people who are in power because they cravenly crave power. Power of the material world. The temporal. Mammon. All that stuff religion rightly warned us about. Because, it is all the stuff of backwards evolution. And imperial decline. Who let these lowlifes in?

Something also to remember is this: Politicians are in it not for the people, but to appear popular, by looking 'right', and aping truth, and faking authoritativeness. They are in it for the perceived POWER. So, let me give you one relevant example. The #metoo movement is filled with a lot of geniune people, and legitimately injured women. But it is also a power movement, and elected to head it, generally, AS IN ALL POWER MOVEMENTS, are politicians who are less interested in the people than in their own career. (What a horrid thing to make a career out of politics, btw). So, the goals of this movement can tend to be perverted into ends-before-means campaigns, where innocent people become harmed, just as occurs in all large power movements.

So, it is not impossible that politicians did not arrange the attackers against Kavenaugh, right or wrong. But this is a complicated subject for later discussion. Just keep it in mind. It's like this: People like Hillary Clinton may appear good and wonderful, because they appear to support the right causes, like pro-woman, ant-lifers, pro=labor, etc. In reality, though, they may be working things so that the game-playing for said issues actually trump the hopes or values of supporters, and ultimately defeat the cause by inflicting injustice along the way - to the power-benefit of those single politicians.

Everyone needs to keep an eye out for these people who sell out those who put them in power, for nothing but more personal gain. I think these types of people compose pretty much the majority of those who run both parties.

One day, I may document what I have observed in my own family, regarding how professionals from either party tend twoards corruption and collusion as they gain more money and power. They become self/deceived into assuming that they know and own the truth, and that they are destined to control and resolve all issues, based on their obvious enlightenment. In fact, they are involved in a conspiracy where they all simply fall together into a limbic infantilisation of their egos - and this brings them a tragic blindspot which, though it may not bring them down, it eventually brings down the structure and people who have supported them. For those who so blindly elected them, they are divine agents of their own Thanatos.

Narcissism, for god and country.

Some say the Trump Dynasty is like a Greek or Shakespearean Tragedy. Indeed it is. And it is not simply because Trump is tragically flawed. It is because he has been set in a larger stage, where all actors proceed with gravity only to fall themselves into the grave they dig. It's a complicated story. My brain is migraining now...

Just remember: When they so fervently offer you a free lunch, based on their supposed authority, they are trying to maintain the lie of their own power.

YOU are the majority.
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