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If you are concerned about anxiety, depression, sleep loss, diet, self-help, and related issues, you may return to my earlier, mega-link post, "Replacing Anxiety & Depression w/ a Healthy Mind & Body!". Also:

Two relevant psychology tags: DEPRESSION and HAPPINESS.

Two relevant health tags: ANXIETY and DEPRESSION.

Here are a few more links to help you or a friend get happy...

Like Minds: Why insomnia affects your mental health - BBC News

Thousands go online for therapy. But does it work?

People in seemingly happy relationships are missing cues

New study debunks Dale Carnegie advice to 'put yourself in their shoes' -- ScienceDaily

Girls with depression reveal what they wish others knew | Daily Mail Online

Close ties with fathers help daughters overcome loneliness

Want to Make a Good Impression? Don't Do These 4 Things | Psychology Today

The Country Where Happiness and Inequality Go Hand in Hand

The Root Cause of Depression and How to Heal It

Why Fighting Depression Could Mean Changing the World? (w/guest Johann Hari

Know Thyself - Self-Realization is the Greatest Service YOU CAN GIVE to the World

Know Yourself? 6 Specific Ways to Know Who You Are | Psychology ...

Albert Einstein's Secrets For Happiness Finally Revealed - Life Is More Than Ambition – The Genius Said | MessageToEagle.com

Thinking beyond yourself can make you more open to healthy lifestyle choices
Many people feel threatened when reminded of their unhealthy behavior. However, a group of 220 sedentary adults became more receptive to health advice -- and more active -- after being primed to either think about their most important values or to make well-wishes for others.

Take a step back from yourself to better realize the benefits of awe
Religion and nature can both lead to awe, and turning to one or the other is a common coping strategy for the stress. But an awe-inspiring experience can have negative consequences as well as benefits, according to a novel study that uses cardiovascular responses to stress to take a broad look at awe and the critical role perspective plays when considering the effects of encountering awe.

Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can do... - Goodreads

Magic mushrooms may 'reset' the brains of depressed patients, study shows
The after-effects of the psilocybin seemed to reach their maximum level five weeks later, according to the researchers, but they saw sustained improvement in the patients for as much as six months.  What’s more, the benefits of the treatment began immediately, unlike conventional antidepressants that typically have to be in the system for weeks before patients notice improvements.


Get Happy!! (Elvis Costello album) - Wikipedia

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