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The origins of pottery revealed: Ceramic jars were popularised in Japan 10,000 years ago when fishers started to use them to store salmon

Find reveals how prehistoric hunter-gatherers transformed the ceramic pot
It transitioned from a special object to an every-day tool for preparing fish
Until now, almost nothing was known of how early humans used pots
The change in function for ceramic pots took place during a surge in popularity for fishing at the end of the last Ice Age

Scientists said their find reveals how prehistoric hunter-gatherers in Japan transformed the ceramic pot from a rare and special object to an every-day tool for preparing fish at the end of the last Ice Age (stock image)

(I just loved that ridiculous pic, I had to use it. Pretty LSD colours).

This is important stuff.  An interesting subject.  It relates to the BEER post I ma doing soon!  It relates to the migration of people and dogs.  It relates to ceramics found in Jericho.  It relates to a probable sunken pre/ice-age coastal civilisation.  I really want to focus on Japan as a centre for my study some day, rather than as a place where various tail-ends came around to meet again.  I am getting obtuse.

I think everybody should have this information under the belt. Added bonus: "WHAT DID BRITAIN LOOK LIKE DURING THE LAST ICE AGE?"  Go ahead!  Click the pic!

The ceramics include jars excavated at the Hanamiyama Site in Yokohama, Japan, and used by the ancient Jomon people - among the earliest known humans in Japanese history

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